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Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night

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by Kristin Korn

Sleep is when your body recovers from a busy day, and your skin cells undergo repair and turn over slightly faster to help your complexion appear bright and healthy-looking when you wake up. “Well-rested” skin also has a chance to really soak up the benefits of your daily skincare routine. So here are some tips to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night and wake up more beautiful than when you closed your eyes!

Here are some tips to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night and wake up more beautiful than when you closed your eyes!

Getting restful sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Research shows that when you are well rested, you think more clearly, have quicker reflexes and focus better. Sleep positively affects your immune system, energy level, heart health and mood.

But with work and family demands, jam-packed schedules and so many shows to binge-watch, you may find it hard to wind down enough to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep you need a night. 

Ready for a radiant, fresh-faced morning selfie and perfect sleep? Follow these nighttime rituals and you’ll be beaming with #Iwokeuplikethis beauty all day.

Here are some tips to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night and wake up more beautiful than when you closed your eyes!

10 Tips to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night

  • Embrace your dark side: Our bodies are tuned to sleep when it’s dark. If your shades don’t block the streetlights or early morning sunbeams, invest in blackout shades.
The best Blackout Window Curtain Panels for better sleep.
  • Get back to your best: Want fewer wrinkles? Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields tell us that sleeping on our backs is key. Regularly sleeping on our stomachs or on one side tends to smush the face and create “sleep creases.”  Those unwanted wrinkles that can deepen over time. For even smoother results, choose a pillow case in satin or silk. I love these pillow cases. If you struggle with staying on your back try placing a pillow under your knees.
  • Clean up your act: Make sure your face is completely clear of makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants before bedtime. Ensure a fresh start tomorrow morning by washing away the day’s makeup, dirt and debris tonight. Cleanse your face with warm water, or hop in the shower to do all that and put your body into relaxation mode. Finish by pampering yourself with your skincare Regimen, and you’ll be ready to face the day (after a good night’s sleep, of course). Here are my favorite skincare cleansers: Try a cleanser that is formulated for your skin’s particular needs, such as REDEFINE Daily Cleansing Mask for gentle exfoliation without stripping moisture. Try REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash for dull, blotchy skin. Or use UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash to reduce visible redness, or SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash for sensitive skin.
  • Go easy on the eyes: Always remove eyeliner and mascara before bed. But careful not to scrub or tug at the delicate eye area, which can cause sagging or wrinkles. Try ESSENTIALS Complete Eye Makeup Remover which gently and completely erases even the most stubborn eye makeup — including waterproof mascara.
Here are some tips to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night and wake up more beautiful than when you closed your eyes!
  • Power down: Discipline yourself to turn off all your electronic devices two hours before bedtime. The blue light they emit cues our brains to energize, not wind down. Completely power down your phone, laptop and tablet before you get in bed … and keep them off, even if you wake during the night. People who use devices before bed have poorer sleep than those who don’t, according to the National Sleep Foundation. The 52 million of us who fire off middle-of-the-night texts or emails fare even worse. TIP! I love to place my phone in this cleaning Phone Soap device… It not only sanitizes it while I sleep but it keeps it out of reach so I won’t grab it as habit.
  • Nighttime is the prime time for products: Skin “rests” during sleep, giving skincare a chance to do its best work. Make your 8 hours (ideally) count more with products like REDEFINE Overnight Restorative Cream to visibly firm skin. Also REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum with powerful Vitamin A empowers skin’s own renewing process. In just four weeks, you’ll have more refined, firmer-looking, smooth skin with less visible lines and wrinkles.
Here are some tips to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night and wake up more beautiful than when you closed your eyes!
  • Lash out: 
  • Use ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost every night, and in four weeks you’ll wake up to fuller-looking, darker-looking, longer-looking lashes. (While you’re at it, skip the sleep mask, which can apply pressure to eyes and lashes or even create new lines around the eyes, cheeks or forehead.)
  • Tea up. Calming and comforting, caffeine-free herbal tea is an ideal bedtime beverage. A warm cup of chamomile, licorice root or mint tea may help encourage the Perfect Sleep and digestion and signal to your body that it’s time to start slowing down. This is my go-to tea brand!
My favorite bedtime hot tea bag brand - chamomile, licorice root or mint tea may help encourage sleep.
  • Stretch it out. In one study, participants with insomnia who practiced yoga daily fell asleep faster, slept longer and returned to sleep more quickly. Before bedtime, try some gentle poses, such as Legs Up the Wall, in which you lie on your back in an L shape with your legs forming a 90-degree angle against a wall; or Corpse Pose, in which you simply lie on your back on the floor and breathe slowly.
  • Make a list. Worrying about “incomplete future tasks” makes it difficult to fall asleep. Before you turn off your light each night, take five minutes to write down the tasks you want to accomplish the next day, or any other outstanding To-Do items. By doing so, you will (hopefully) fall asleep in a flash, and the elusive eight hours will be yours.

Use your slumber to work wonders for your skin and get your perfect sleep. Remember, your cells undergo repair and turn over slightly faster while you rest, helping your face look bright and refreshed. Share your top nighttime beauty rituals below.

For more information on purchasing Rodan + Fields products CLICK HERE. Or if you’re open to learning more about becoming a consultant for the brand CLICK HERE. Contact Me with any questions. 

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For more information on purchasing Rodan + Fields products or if you're open to learning more about becoming a consultant for the brand Contact Me (Kristin Korn) with any questions.

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