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How To Find Your Passion (& Purpose)

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HoW to Find your passion and your purpose.

Are you one of them? You know, one who still hopelessly is trying to “find your passion”? …something you believe will ultimately lead you closer to happiness and success. Is that you? If so, keep reading….

My light bulb moment…

It was two years ago and I remember it quite well. It was like a light bulb seriously went off while I was sitting at my home office desk. At this time, I was about 4 years removed from my former schedule-strapped corporate career and into the world of entrepreneurship. Running at that time about a 400 person direct sales team across the U.S. and just opened Canada. 

I had found the success I was wanting out of that new business a few years in… but something was missing?


Side note: Initial “Success” to me was when I replaced my income being a solo entrepreneur with what I had brought home as an employee. My theory was that if I could be making the same amount of money working whenever and wherever I pleased, why would I EVER go back to a “job” where someone else controlled my time. To me … that’s success!

Your Purpose.

Has anyone ever asked you what your purpose is? It was something that kept appearing in my Pinterest searches for motivational quotes and it kept staying with me. Purpose.

I was running my business and doing all the right things to make that skincare business a success. But I wasn’t paying attention to the high five moments that made me excited with it. 

High Five Moments.

You know those times when something gets your heart rolling and smiling and you are so excited you want to high five someone to celebrate? I was definitely having those moments but finding out … it wasn’t when I was having new title promotions, adding new clients and best sales months… it was when I was HELPING others have them.

It was times when I’d work with a teammate to reach her goal. Times when I’d create a kick-ass holiday campaign with the perfect visuals. Or times when I was training other CEOs to use the systems I was creating and they were growing their business because of them.

When I started paying attention to those high five moments in my skincare business is when I saw my purpose and passions coming to life!

  • Personal branding courses were created to help entrepreneurs with creative and social media aspects to growing their brand and identity.
  • HustlinCEO was formed with other colleagues to share with others the systems and leadership techniques that we’ve found to work for us.
  • And Life with Purpose Shop was born that allows me to fuel my creative design spirit being able to offer unique and purposeful gifts and gear.

Find Your Passion.

So guess what? …your passion is NOT hiding somewhere looking to be found. Your passion is already within you and comes out when you do things right, and paying attention to the things that already bring you JOY.

It’s no secret that good things happen to positive people. Your positivity tells the universe that you’re ready to grow! You’re ready to become more of what you were meant to be.

When was the last time you truly tried – I mean TRULY tried – to do your very best?

You may be likely putting a half-hearted and half-minded effort into most of the things you do on a daily basis. Ok, admit it.. what are really half-assing RIGHT NOW? Because you’re still waiting…  and waiting to “find” something to be passionate about. 

Why Skincare?

For me… Skincare was never my passion, nor is it today. So why would I start my own skincare business if I wasn’t passionate about skincare ??? I should’ve waited for an opportunity to come along that I was automatically passionate about right? NO. You have it all wrong.

When I jumped into my business (because it was a damn smart business move!) I did it without the fear of failure. I had an open mind to NEW opportunities.  And I never became caught up in thinking that I had to do everything perfect, but instead I made improvements to be better along the way.

By pouring my heart and soul into my skincare business and the people on my team every day is when I found my purpose and my inner passions come out.

Our company is the vehicle I use to fund and FIND my true passions. Which are travel, creative design, educating, and family… those things bring me JOY. Empowering others and building up their confidence brings my JOY. 

Just Begin. Find your passion and your purpose.

Take Action.

So if you’re truly tired of waiting, and you’d rather LIVE more passionately starting today, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to proactively inject passion into the very next thing you do.

If you want more passion in your life right now, do something about it right now. Not into tomorrow’s work, but today’s work, today’s workout or today’s relationship. Then pay attention to your high five moments to find your passion.

So today I invite you to please pour your heart and soul into something you have right in front of you. Stop thinking your passion is hiding behind a tree or under a rock somewhere! Your passions and purpose will develop from within, new doors will open and your life will start heading in the right direction… Have Faith!

When you put your whole heart and soul into life you live more passionately.

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