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Key to Stay Consistent in your Social Media Marketing

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Set overwhelm aside… Today I’m sharing with you my secret strategy to social media planning and how you can get ahold of my exact  intentional media kit system too and stay consistent in your social media marketing!

Last week I talked about how to find consistency in your business and shared how for me it always goes back to my business goals. If I don’t have a direct daily task plan to reach them… I won’t stay consistent in my business. If you missed that video – you can find HERE.

Set overwhelm aside... Here's my secret strategy to social media planning and how you can get ahold of my exact intentional media kit system too!

The same goes for your consistency in your social media activity.

And when I mean social media activity – I mean finding ways EVERYDAY to touch and connect with your followers and community and making an intentional effort to attract more people to your brand… which, remember.. is YOU.

Over the last several months I’ve developed my own social content paper scheduler… But to mention, I do use electronic apps and platforms to set up my social channels ahead of time… but for planning – I use my own paper system. 

Set overwhelm aside... Today I'm sharing with you my secret strategy to social media planning and how you can get ahold of my exact  intentional media kit system too!

It all starts with Brand Bubbles.

If you’ve followed me for any time at all or downloaded my FREE GUIDE – 5 ways to strengthen your personal brand… you know I like to keep my social content to 10 brand bubbles at all times.

Doing so keeps me on brand, on topic, my followers know what to expect to see from me and it makes it extremely easy for social planning.

So for starters if you don’t have my free guide yet – go snag that at

Media Kit Planner

So my media kit planner includes a weekly planner for content dump, social schedule and what fresh content I’m releasing on blog and email. 

For instance, my content dump tank includes my bubbles, upcoming events, special holidays or days of the week (Sales Saturday, Motivational Monday).

Then I take the content and plug them into my social schedule… I like to color code my brand bubbles (yes, I’m visual that way!) to see if I’m overusing any particular category. So I plug in my events and days of the week first, then fill with my bubbles and content from my blog/email released this week.

So you can see I have a full intentional plan – and this is something you can do as well.

Without a plan – I am not consistent! But When I have bubble posts already planned out days and weeks in advance – I’m never without a post and can stay consistent with my social media marketing.

How often do I post to social media?

For my Kristin Korn Instagram page I post 1-2x a day… for my Kristin Korn Business Facebook page I post 2-3 times a day.

And then there’s always a plan for Instagram Stories… to back up what I’m posting to Instagram that day. 

Of course I have personal as-its-happening stories but those aren’t planned… just as they happen to let people into my world as they happen.

How to Print Off this Media Kit Planner:

If this Media Kit Planner is something you need in your life – you can grab it on my shop – and it comes with a full video tutorial – or when you join my Think Tank Membership Course  – you’ll get it free in there.

If you feel overwhelmed with social media – my goal is to help eliminate that for you – you have plenty of things to talk about – get it from your head to paper.

I believe you should have purpose with what you have going out to social.

Again if you don’t have my free guide to strengthen your personal brand yet – go download that for free at

If branding strategy is an area you are lacking, it’s OK! I have a course opening SOON that you’ll want to jump in on. CLICK HERE to Get on my waitlist now!

Strong brands don’t just happen. They are usually the results of a long-term branding strategy that guides how a you as an entrepreneur does business.
Set overwhelm aside... Today I'm sharing with you my secret strategy to social media planning and how you can get ahold of my exact  intentional media kit system too!
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hey there!

meet the blogger

I’m Kristin Korn and I help women build online businesses.

As a Brand Strategist, I help women build an effective personal brand, which allows them to live life with purpose and stay authentic to who they are as they start, strengthen, and scale their business long term.

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