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How to Overcome Your Fear of Social Media

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Is this you? Do you have a real fear of social media. If so, I totally get it! Hiding behind your computer screen liking others posts is a lot easier than actually typing one of your own. But that’s what I want to do… help you get over that fear.

Do you have a real fear of social media? If so, I totally get it! Hiding behind your computer screen liking others posts is a lot easier than actually typing one of your own. But that's what I want to do... help you get over that fear.
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It’s time to get over the fear of social media and start using it to grow your business. 

First things first… If there’s a tiny voice in your head telling you everyone else is already a perfect graphic designer, caption creator, and consultant and that their content is so much better than yours… 

Tell it to stop, because it’s wrong! 

Honestly, they’re not all experts and their content isn’t better than yours. The only difference between your social media pages and their social media pages is that they share content. 

Getting over any fear is tricky but when you’re in business for yourself you have to learn to look terror in the eye and keep right on moving. 

Social media can be intimidating …let’s talk about some common social media fears and why they are not as frightening as you think. 

Do you have a real fear of social media? If so, I totally get it! Hiding behind your computer screen liking others posts is a lot easier than actually typing one of your own. But that's what I want to do... help you get over that fear.
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The fear of wasted time and money

Many entrepreneurs worry that they won’t see returns from their social efforts. Since most new business owners have tight budgets and very little free time, they don’t want to waste any of it on something that might not work. While this fear is valid, you can’t ignore social media’s opportunities. 67% of the world’s population is on at least one social media channel. Which means, that at least some of your audience uses social media. 

If millions of businesses and more than half the planet uses social media, then it’s a good indicator that something works! 

The fear of having nothing to say (or worse saying the wrong thing) 

Picture it, you’re standing on a stage, underneath the spotlight in front of thousands of people. You open your mouth to speak and… nothing. The idea of freezing is slightly scary. Or how about when you make a joke in a room and are met with blank stares! Cue all the embarrassment! 

The fear of avoiding these two feelings often stops people from posting anything on social media. 

However, if you are in the trenches working to build your business, then you know your business and your audience better than anyone else. And you’ll know how to talk about and how to talk to them. It’s time to trust your expertise! 

Most entrepreneurs build this trust in themselves and their knowledge as they build their business. Learning to trust your expertise is a practice that comes when you share your expertise on a regular basis. It will feel scary at first but the more you share, the easier it becomes! 

Is it possible you might say the wrong thing on social media? Of course! You’re human. You might make an error or have a typo. It happens to everyone. If you own your mistakes, then you will be able to course correct and improve along the way. 

Fear of sounding braggy or salesy or pushy

Self promotion is a non-negotiable part of starting a business. No matter what type of business you run, you have to be able to talk about it. 

To avoid feeling salesy on your social media, focus on providing value to your audience.

Your business provides value to your customers, no matter if you’re a health coach or if you are an e-commerce business. If you trust in that value, then you will trust your audience will want your content. 

One of the best social media tips is to use a content mix of 80/20. In 80% of your content, you share value with your audience. This could be educational, inspirational or entertaining content. The remaining 20% of your content can be promotional or sales oriented. This way, your audience feels like they are getting value from your content and won’t feel like you are only pushing sales. 

Now that I’ve covered the top fears about social media… if you don’t have my free guide to strengthen your personal brand yet – go download that for free at

What defines a personal brand is so much more than a visual identity. Just because you have a logo ... doesn't mean you have a brand.
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meet the blogger

I’m Kristin Korn and I help women discover their brand influence to monetize their brand.

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