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Ep 15: Why You Are Not A Fraud For Changing Your Mind

Why You Are Not A Fraud For Changing Your Mind

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Why You Are Not A Fraud For Changing Your Mind
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Podcast Show Notes

Alright, today I want to talk about something near to my heart this past year. I want to discuss those times when we get into a situation and we tell someone we are going to do something and then… by some matter of the situation – you don’t feel as that comment is valid any longer.

Maybe you’ve done this with your life or career as well. We all have.

It seems that we give ourselves a timeline for everything… I’m not sure if we are trying to map out our life or prove to others that we can do something.

claims we make

But it seems we make claims for all sorts of things.

  • When we are going to have kids.
  • How much money we were going to make.
  • What house we are going to live in.
  • What career we are going to pursue.

And so on…

feeling imprissoned

So like you know… I have experience with the direct sales industry and particularly the same company for eight of those years. As I was coming up in that company it seemed like there were always times I was claiming I’d reach THIS income goal, THAT title goal, or earn THAT trip by this time… And what I ended up doing was locking myself in that prison cell to make sure it happened.

And of course, I cared too much what others thought of me so since I said I’d reach that goal, I wanted to make sure I did.

There was even a situation several years ago when I told my husband that I was going to make seven figures in my direct sales business and retire him from his college coaching career by this date.

But you know what? That didn’t happen.

But you know what else?

Nothing can make us feel more imprisoned than not living in our truth.

why i changed my mind

And the truth is… as my years piled up with that one direct sales company… my purpose and path were leading me somewhere else.

So it came down to me having to spout out those four words… I changed my mind in order to escape the prison I had locked myself in.

It wasn’t that I still couldn’t eventually hit that seven-figure mark or any of the other goals I had said I was going to reach, but it wasn’t who I was any longer. The business didn’t fill my needs and it was time to get out of that cell I put myself in.

Luckily I had only been cooped up for a couple of years before changing my mind. So I don’t feel I wasted as much time as I definitely could’ve. And I attribute that by surrounding myself with transparent business owners and forward-thinking, God-loving women.

maybe they will get mad at us

What happens is that we become so afraid of disappointing someone or letting them down (like a spouse, parent, a team or employees) so we stay cooped up in this jail we build around us. And many times it can be for our entire lives.

“Well, I said I was going to retire him with this career choice, so I have to stick with it….”

NO, no you don’t. I had every right to change my mind and so do you.

We’re afraid that if we change our mind there are people who will get mad at us, or not approve of us. 

We are afraid that if we change our minds, that we will be rejected and abandoned for speaking our truth.

And there are even times when we might believe that we are somehow bad, awful or terrible people because we don’t want to do what others expect us to do or what we once told someone we would do.

But I’m here to tell you it’s OK to change your mind. Circumstances or passions or interests have changed and based on those changes, you choose to go in another direction.

14-Day Stay in Your Lane Challenge
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This 14-Day Stay in Your Lane Challenge will equip you with the road map to navigate laying the foundation for your unique personal brand that will bring confidence into your business and your life about WHO you are and what value you have to offer! This challenge is an instant-access on-demand training with lifetime access.

Are you a fraud?

So are you a fraud if you change your mind? Heck no.

It’s okay if someone gets upset with you or disagrees with your actions or decisions. Your value and worth are not dependent upon their approval.  

And if they were leading with love with a humans-first personality like my friend, client, and business coach Sara Reineke trains on – they would completely support your change of mind.

Like I talked about in Branding Bites Podcast Episode 11 when I made the decision to put my brand marketing business front and center instead of my direct sales business in 2019… it was an empowering, and self-loving place for me to come from.

you cannot live a lie

As Ester Nicholson says…

“You are worthy of empowerment and clarity in your life.  You are not only deserving of making clear decisions that are in alignment with your truth, but this is also God’s will for you.  You cannot shine your brilliant light while living a lie in an effort to please others.   I know this for you, and I stand in this powerful truth for you.”

Such a powerful few sentences, right?

The decision made for me

I know that there will be more and more times where I have to say to someone “I changed my mind” and every time I know I will be making the decision for ME and not because of anyone else around me.

Also, I know that who I am right now won’t be who I am next year or three years from now. We all have the right to find confidence in changing our minds.

It’s truly the frauds who are the ones who STAY in a situation because they can’t say the four words “I changed my mind” to someone else.

In conclusion

I hope this story can give you a little more self-awareness of the cell you may be putting yourself in right now.

Like I’ve said many times before, I believe we are layered in experiences that lead us to our next purpose. One passion can lead to another until you know without a doubt you are living in your lane and serving the people God put you here to serve.

You simply need to unlock and shine a light on all the actions, behaviors, and preferences you already possess and say those four words with confidence when needed… I changed my mind.


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