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Build trust and monetize your brand with what you already know.

Want to use social media to grow your business? But have no idea what to post or say in your captions?! 🤷‍♀️ 

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Your Two Options

The way I see it you have two options…


Buy bite-size content ideas and fill-in-the-blank caption templates so you can say you posted online today. 

You may get a few likes here and there, or make people laugh.

But the huge downside to this is you won’t be building a strong foundation for your brand.  Nor connecting on a deeper level with your audience. 

Less time, low-value. 👎🏼


Go through a set of online brand-discovery workshops so you can discover the fortune that lies hidden in your personal brand. 

Using this approach you can pull from your layers of pivots, life cycles, and experiences to bring authenticity to your content. 

You can lay out a clear strategy of creating meaningful content that not only attracts your target audience but that creates deeper connections with your audience. 

More time, high-value. 👍🏼

Here’s the thing…

🥰I stand strong in empowering and teaching business owners (like yourself) to use your voice, your experiences, and your story to connect with your audience… 

not offer you some low-value content that may get a few likes but will not make your brand more profitable.

Ready to build trust and monetize your brand? ✨

👉 That’s what my Content Connection Playbook is all about! (high-value content that people give a dang about!)

Click HERE to get your copy of The Content Connection Playbook while it’s still only $27! ⬇️

The first step to make your business more profitable, faster! Just $27!

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Personal Branding Playbook™ is a 7-day mini-course and digital asset bundle to Discover Your Core Foundation. Step one of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Roadmap.

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by Kristin Korn

Why Using Caption Templates Hurts Your Brand


I help women go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of building a confident, brand-focused online business.

I believe your life experiences and layers of pivots help define what you stand for and lead you to a life with purpose.

Using my signature Stay in Your Lane Roadmap, I help you generate high-quality leads and increase sales conversions by applying an automated simplistic sales process through consulting, courses, done-for-you solutions, and a membership community.


I'm kristin korn.
Your new Creative & Sales Strategy Coach.

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