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3 Ways To Create A More Impactful Brand Online
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Podcast Show Notes

To have an impactful brand online you want to pay attention to the way your audience and clients think and act towards your brand.

And having brand impact doesn’t mean you need to see a lot of interaction on your social media posts itself… but impact to me means that your audience is landing inside your sales process at some point. 

They are taking action to learn more about you and what you have to offer as far as products that can help solve their problem.

In this episode, I want to highlight three ways to make sure your brand shows up as impactful online.

Then, in the end, I’ll show you how to know where your brand ranks on a scale of 0-19 when it comes to having an impactful brand online. Plus give you tips on how to bring that score higher.

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#1. Understand your ideal client

As I teach in my Stay in your Lane Brand method during step one of Brand-DIscovery is to understand your ideal client avatar. 

Not just know who your target market is – but to narrow it down and learn everything you can about the person who will most likely purchase your product or service. 

#1. So the #1 way to know if your brand is impactful online is to make sure you are serving your ICA – ideal client avatar. 

You know their interests, their day to day behaviors, their dislikes and what they are feeling when they are likely to make a purchase. 

You want to build connections with the right audience who will find your brand and products valuable… in other words, be the big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond.

‘You have to find a group who really desperately cares about what you have to say,’ according to Seth Godin.

#2. deliver Consistency

The second way to create an impactful brand is not only to consistently show up where your ideal client is online but deliver a consistent visual communication.  

I talk a lot out the 4 Cs to original content inside step two of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method and my Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System.

Everyday readers of your original content are paying attention to the experience that your brand gives them, and the emotions that you invoke within them.

What this means is that you are not selling your product, service or opportunity… You’re in reality selling yourself, your image and your reputation.

And by putting valuable original content in audio, written or video form you get to shape the perception and authority of your brand to your niche audience.

4C’s to Creating Original Content 

I developed the 4C’s to Creating Original Content which in return will build a more impactful brand online.

And they are Creative > Content > Consistency > Currency 

  • Creative – Having a memorable cohesive aesthetic to your photos, graphics and visual online presence will not only gain you credibility but think of it as the doorway to your content.
  • Content – To increase your brand visibility and influence, you want to find specific points that tell your story and engage people with who you are in a familiar and intentional way.
  • Consistency – Consistency allows your audience to build a memory structure around who you are and what value you have to offer.
  • Currency – If you’ve done a good job of creating a desire for your product or service through your original content this is simply the next step in the sales process.

#3. Share your brand influence

The third way to make sure your brand shows up as impactful online is to share your brand influence inside your content… whether it’s on Facebook Videos, Instagram Captions, or inside your Blog entries. 

The more you can share your layers and layers of pivots, life cycles, and experiences with your audience, the deeper the connections you will make with them.

Are you A or B?

When I hop online and scroll my feed there are two types of business owners out there.

A. The ones who share cute memes, a bit about their family life, and benefits and features of the products they offer.

B. The ones who let you look inside their business. The ones who aren’t afraid to share their failures and lessons. The ones who understand that their experiences shared will empower and build trust with their audience.

As I scroll my timeline I can easily pick out the business owners who are (A)- because I know nothing about their authentic story and don’t feel connected to them…

or (B) – I learn a little more about their story, beliefs, and business every time I read one of their captions. I could comfortably have a conversation with them on a whim if I ran into them at the coffee shop.

Isn’t B the kind of business owner you want to be? Relatable?

To me, B showcases what it means to have an impactful brand online. They are empowering people with their message. 

They are creating deeper connections with their ideal clients. And in return will lead to more and more people inside their sales process.

To recap

So to recap – the three ways I mentioned to make sure your brand shows up as impactful online include:

  1. Make sure you are serving your ICA – ideal client avatar
  2. Show up consistently online with your original content and your creative visual communication
  3. Share your brand influence inside your content

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Do you want to know where YOU rank in terms of how IMPACTFUL your brand is online? 

👉 I have a quick BRAND QUIZ that takes just seconds to complete at

You can find out where you rank on a scale of 0-19 when it comes to digital content marketing and connecting with your audience.

Plus OF COURSE, I couldn’t help but throw in plenty of complimentary brand tips on how to get better!

See what your brand impact score is when you complete the quiz online at


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by Kristin Korn

Ep 26: 3 Ways To Create A More Impactful Brand Online


I help women go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of building a confident, brand-focused online business.

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