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Ep 29: How to Stay On-Trend While Remaining On-Brand

How to Stay On-Trend While Remaining On-Brand
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Podcast Show Notes

As an online marketer, it’s important to keep a close eye on what’s trending around us… whether you are a local business or an online entrepreneur.

You want to deliver relevant and relatable content to your target market but at the same time, you need to stay within your content strategy.

When you get too off-topic your audience can broaden too much.  Which in return leads you right back to where you were when you were struggling to attract the right audience to your brand.

You are sending your message out to too many people.

Talking to Fewer people will increase your profits

Like I discussed in Branding Bites Podcast Episode 17: 5 Reasons Why Talking to Fewer People Will Increase Your Profits. When you can think of more ways to become a big fish in a little pond, instead of a little fish in a big pond and Narrow down your niche as slim as possible you will watch your sales increase. 

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how to stay on-brand and on-trend

So how do you continue to attract the right audience for your brand while staying on-trend with what’s going on in the world around you? Especially the topics that your ideal client is also curious about?

Well, the answer is easier than you may think!

Do a quick search on Pinterest to see what people are searching for!

What if you could not only write social media captions that are relevant to your ideal client avatar but you could publish blog entries. This content then has the potential to gain you more exposure across more digital platforms. Getting your voice heard by more of your niche market.

Plus it’s pinnable! This means it’s easy to get your brand seen on Pinterest and in the hands of the exact people searching for your content.

The steps to take on Pinterest

So when you log in to your Pinterest business account here’s where you need to go.

And if you picked up on my last line – I said business account! Make sure you have a Pinterest business account so you can use this platform and all its offerings for your business.

And if you aren’t yet using Pinterest for your business go back to Branding Bites Podcast Episode #27: How Pinterest Marketing Can Be Your Biggest Lead Generator: with Special Guest Jennifer Burkhart. Where you can learn all about the benefits of using Pinterest for your business… whatever it may be!

Step one

When you log in to Pinterest go to the top left under the “Analytics” drop-down and select “Trends”. It’s a new feature just added.

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Step two

On this page, you can see the top 6 topics being searched on Pinterest RIGHT NOW. They are usually pretty broad. But if one of the topics could overlap with my core beliefs and content focus I’ll go dig into it.

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At the time of recording the six mentioned were:

  • DIY Hair Mask
  • Care Package
  • Meals with Chicken
  • Date Night Ideas at Home
  • Sewing
  • Lounge Wear

When I look at this specific list I want to select topics that relate not only with my personal influence. Meaning I would have a lesson or story to share around that idea. But the topic needs to serve my niche audience as well.

I’m definitely NOT going to pick anything that’s here today gone tomorrow.

That’s why when I keep with my content strategy and see which of these trending topics could fit into what I’m already building my community around… that trending topic works.

So considering my ideal client avatar works from home most of the time and enjoys weekends with their kiddos… loungewear would be a topic I could dig into.

Knowing everything about your ideal client avatar is key to choosing the right topic. So be sure you do some brand-discovery beforehand.

If you need help in this area – pick up my Content Connection Playbook. It covers step one in my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method. This 7-day mini-course and digital asset bundle will turn your brand influence into content that creates deeper connections in just one week. The first step to make your business more profitable, faster! Learn more at

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And if NONE of those mentioned six work for your brand… refresh your page! There are more trends that will show up when you refresh.

Step three

So when I click on this “Lounge Wear” topic Pinterest shows me the current line graph to give me proof of the topic popularity. They also include other related keyword searches along with their respective line graph. Looking at them none came close to the popularity of keyword “lounge wear”.

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At the bottom of the page, they include about 6 pins that include the trending search word. Click on them and you can get Title and Subject ideas for your own pins.

So when I think of my brand influence … which based on my teachings is my layers and layers of pivots, life cycles, lessons, and experiences… I want to bring in my own story of “lounge wear.”

Step four

And since this will be a CONNECTION POST… and like I discussed in last week’s episode #28 this is the type of content I use to form a relationship with a possible lead or client or deepen a relationship with a current reader.

So using the S3 Caption Writing Framework I shared in last week’s episode I would:

  • State a Reality Statement
  • Share a Brand Influence Moment
  • Shout My Belief

On-trend and on-brand content example

By incorporating my brand influence into my copywriting using on-trend topics that my ideal client is talking about right now… I can start to make deeper connections with them…. All at the same time staying on brand and in my lane!

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Read the full Instagram Caption for “lounge wear” HERE.

Read the full Blog Entry for “lounge wear” HERE.

What I did was pull from a past experience with loungewear and shared my belief about it when it comes to purging while moving and working from home. It was a story that was relatable to my ideal client and one they can read and insert themselves into.

To Recap

So using this tip on searching Pinterest for trending topics I hope you can get a sense of how simple it can be to continue to appeal to your niche audience while also expanding your content just a tad from what you may already be posting about.

If nothing else you can use your blog analytics to learn more about what your ideal clients want to see from you!


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