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Ep 30: Behind the Brand: Putting Your Face Front And Center

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Podcast Show Notes

You already know that how you market your brand determines how successful it will be. I mean… you can’t open for business and NOT TELL ANYONE and expect rounds of orders to get placed for your product.

So in order to have new people continually drop into your sales process, you need to use the best marketing strategies to connect with your potential customers.

Marketing is a tool used to create and maintain interest, connection, reputation, engagement, and more. And honestly, without it, your business is likely to close down due to lack of sales.

And I don’t want that for you.

The biggest difference in my marketing

There are several ways to market your business but the ONE VISUAL factor that has made the biggest difference is using my own face. Yes… what I will shout over and over again is your social media marketing should include your face.

But why is that such a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle? I mean why can’t a killer logo, graphic, and brand palette alone do the trick?

The answer is really simple… putting your face front and center of your brand allows you to form a strong human connection with your niche audience.

It shows a heartbeat and real human behind your content.

And in my experience… using my face in my visuals and my story in my copywriting deepens connections and boosts conversions more than any other strategy.

It’s why I not only tape the audio version for this podcast  – but I also record the video so people can actually SEE me. They form a deeper connection to me and the content I’m speaking about.

Showing your face gives you an identity

Showing your face as your brand gives you an identity. And don’t get me wrong – I’m a creative girl and I love logos and brand palettes – and YES! those should be used to identify you, but without a face, your identity can appear a bit impersonal and even cold to your audience.

And truthfully, your audience isn’t going to connect with a logo or stock image in the same way they connect with your face … which we hope is friendly and relatable.

What emotion drives buying decision the most

Smith Company – an experiential commerce agency, conducted a study where they asked shoppers which emotions drove their shopping and buying decisions. Of the eight emotional modes that influence shopping and purchase decision-making – the most frequently experienced emotion was NEEDS VALIDATION. 

What that means is everyday shoppers, especially online, are indecisive.

They want to connect with someone’s recommendation before purchasing.

They need help to make the leap to actually make a purchase. In short.. they shop by opinions… whether it’s their own, or a mix of his, hers, and yours.

Besides a well thought out content strategy, another way to overcome their doubt and fear of making the wrong decision is a face to face marketing interaction. 

And since we are talking about online marketing – YOUR FACE on their phone or computer is the best you can do besides sitting down physically with them.

When I first used my face in marketing

When I first transitioned to putting my face in the majority of my marketing images over the cute graphics I was making in Canva I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE.  It was two years ago when I was making an intentional effort to up my Instagram game.

I hated it… “Who wants to look at my face in their feed?” I thought…

But when I listened to other online marketers talking about it – and seeing their faces in their photos – it just made sense.

If I wanted to grow my brand – I had to get over my fear of using my face in my marketing. Because it truly is a necessity. I wanted people to connect my face to my brand.

It took me several months to get used to it… but as your business grows that discomfort leaves pretty quickly.

Maintain a strong brand identity

When you can maintain a strong brand identity – you make yourself look like a larger business than you may actually be. Getting your face out there also builds loyalty and trust, conveys stability, and shows your commitment to what you are doing.

And let’s face it – no pun intended there… don’t you want to appear like you have a legitimate brand?

I sure do.

And for me – Showing my face gets much better conversion rates. So why would I not smack my face across my website, blog, and online social media presence?

We know that people do business with people and the way I see it the more we can make that sales experience more like real-life, person-to-person, I’m all about it.

The study about memory

Studies about memory have shown that people tend to have an easier time recognizing faces than names. And although I feel like Kristin Korn is a pretty easy name to remember – if they see my face scroll down their phone I want them to pause and see my content – because they remember my face even if they don’t remember my name.

When you think of where you spend your money – don’t you feel like you trust the online shops more when you can see the FACE behind the brand?

It’s a fact that consumers trust other people more than they trust companies. So anytime your brand can showcase human traits, a personality, and put a heartbeat to your brand, the more your audience will trust you.  And then buy from you and recommend you to others. 

How to get more engagement

It’s no secret – We are always craving more interaction and engagement with our audience. Nothing gets people engaged with a brand as a real conversation can. So when you have your face in your marketing strategy, your audience feels like they already know who they’re talking to.

As you build a deeper connection between you and your prospect this level of comfort not only increases the chances that they’ll buy from you, but it’ll help boost engagement in your social media campaigns.

To Recap

In the end, using your face as part of your brand identity forms a much faster connection with your niche audience. Using your content strategy and your face in your marketing builds the strongest relationship with your audience as possible.

And even though it may seem uncomfortable at first – I’ve developed a simple technique to take candid lifestyle photos of yourself without using an unreliable self-timer or friend to snap a camera. I have a quick tutorial video and pdf download so you can boost your brand identity using Lifestyle marketing images today.

Download the Lifestyle Headshots for Amateurs tutorial HERE!

Inside my Lifestyle Headshots for Amateurs Video Tutorial –  I teach you how to use props, your phone, Canva for desktop editing software, and a little creativity to create endless photos for all your online marketing needs. Instantly download this 20-minute tutorial HERE.

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Download the Lifestyle Headshots for Amateurs tutorial HERE!

And if you are still unsure about this whole – having your face as the identity for your brand… just think how popular Flo from Progressive has been for an insurance company!

If Flo can do it for a big brand you can do it for yours!


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