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My Favorite Work From Home Lounge Wear

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It’s a hot topic. What do you wear when you work from home and want to lounge? My answer: Give me loose-fit cropped, distressed-denim over leggings for lounge wear any day! 🙌 Yes… I did just say that. As I see more women try to create a “work from home” routine it’s a quick thought to stay in leggings all day.

I get it… I catch myself in the leggings for loungewear + workwear trend too.

But two days max and I’m back to favorite shredded-knees cropped jeans. Do they even still call them ‘cropped’??🤣

I even own TWO PAIRS of these Banana Republic ones… they are that comfy!

Work from home denim lounge wear
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Little fitted… little loose… little distressed…

Kind of like me! 🤣🤷‍♀️

When I was purging my closet before our recent move, for my husband’s coaching career, I caught myself tossing out about a dozen pairs of cotton and fleece leggings.

But when it came to my denim… I think I tossed out a pair or two.

Why I love denim for lounge wear

Coming up on the ripe ‘ol age of 40 one might say “you’re too old” for distressed denim.

But for me… that are the perfect pants for ALL THINGS…

My daily go-to is with a graphic tee.

Especially while sitting “Criss cross applesauce” as my kids would say in my desk chair… they stretch just enough to give me comfort but also make me feel “put together” a bit.

🙋‍♀️All the confidence boosts I can get throughout the day I’ll take!

Plus… once my “work hours” are over I can easily swap tops for a button-down, “going-out” top, or gameday shirt. Go SEMO Redhawks 🏀

In the End

As you see other women post loungewear + workwear selfies in their knit and spandex pants… let this be a reminder to wear what YOU WANT.

Here are some great ideas for WORK FROM HOME (lounge-ish) WEAR!

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Shop some WORK FROM HOME on sale here!

Don’t fall for things that don’t put YOUR best self forward. You do what YOU NEED TO and WEAR that will give you the confidence to show up in hard ways.

And if your confidence comes from raggedy denim and salted rim margaritas… we may just be Spirit Sisters!

Wanna see what I wore for a recent LIFESTYLE PHOTOSHOOT? CLICK HERE!

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