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Podcast Show Notes

Being it’s my passion to help women monetize their knowledge, which I call brand influence, today I want to jump into the signs to look for that it’s time for you to start your passion business.

And by passion business I mean relying on the intersect of your passions, skills, and interest… many times I refer to that as your superpower as mentioned in Episode 18.

Your superpower is the result of your layers and layers of pivots, life cycles, and experiences that have led you to where you are right now.

Your life journey isn’t an accident – I believe you’ve gone through all the traffic, dead ends, one-way roads, four-lane superhighways, and sharp curves so you could serve others with what you’ve learned along the way.

That’s your superpower and the foundation of your passion business.

Which is what leads you to sense the signs that it’s time to start your passion business.

Take action on the influence you have to serve others.


Special Guest: Daniele Mineck

So to talk about these four signs I have a special guest with me today. Daniele Mineck. Daniele has been a close friend for a few years but about three months ago she hired me for consulting and design to help bring her passion business to life and just this past week she officially launched her passion business as an extra stream of income.

🎙LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEAR HER STORY. What her passion business is and what led her to create it and why she hired me to help her.

Don’t give up your current job

What I love about having your own passion business is that you don’t have to give up your current job to start this second one.

Once you set up the proper sales process a passion business can run on auto-pilot only needing a few hours of your time a week to keep content fresh… especially one based around a digital product.

So that’s why I really wanted Daniele on the podcast today because not only does she have a current full-time career, a direct sales business, a busy family – but had the time to set up this type of sales system in just a couple of months and now will be able to maintain it moving forward along with everything else on her schedule.

So let’s just dive right into the 4 Signs That It’s Time To Start Your Passion Business:

1 – You can’t stop thinking about your passion.  

  • You get on Pinterest and start a business board and pin items.
  • You wake up with ideas.
  • You think of business ideas for your passion while in the shower or when driving or when chatting with friends. 

Without hesitation, you always come back to your passion topic.

What this means to me is that you are getting that boss itch. The What If’s are happening – “what if I shared how I did this?, what if I started a blog about this?”

You are gaining the self-motivation to step into a business builder role where you get to make the decisions, tackle product creation, and control your working hours.

The thought of all that gets you excited – as long as you don’t let fear creep in and halt your ideas that is 🙂 

🎙LISTEN TO HOW DANIELE was caught thinking about her passion for styled events.

So the reason why I believe this happens is the second sign That It’s Time To Start Your Passion Business…

2 – God keeps nudging you into your lane.

I know for me even just a year ago – God was pushing me away from people, groups, and organizations.

I didn’t realize it at the time but looking back he was setting me up for a clear lane. Removing obstacles whether they were people or another business that didn’t fit me any longer.

They had served their purpose but it was time for me to move on.

LISTEN to Daniele discuss the God nudges she experienced that became an on-going reminder to get in her lane.

3 – You never get burned out with this business topic.  

Many times I see people try to attach themselves to an existing business because they need another stream of income only to find that their superpower doesn’t align with that vehicle – meaning that specific company.

But when you create a business around your passion you never have this problem. You are excited to get to work come Monday morning. 

🎙LISTEN TO DANIELE share how she chose styled events as her passion business.

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Follow Daniele online at, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Should your hobby be a business?

Another thing to note is just because you are good at something isn’t always enough to create a successful business. ie. a hobby

For instance, there are several things that I am good at but when I tried to make a business of them, they weren’t things I wanted to do every day. They didn’t always bring me joy. They didn’t light me up inside and I talking about it wasn’t easy for me.

So those are things to really think about.

  • It must bring you JOY. 
  • Light you up inside. 
  • You want to do it every day.
  • Talking about it is easy for you.

When you think of your passion business it needs to be a subject that you commit to continually improving your skills. You want to consistently move forward and grow your passion so you can become the expert people need at higher and higher levels.

If you’re having a hard time nailing down your superpower, you are not alone – I cover this inside Step One of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method – Discover Your Influence and the Mini-course that goes with it called The Content Connection Playbook™.  

4 – You want to make an income while making an impact.  

I think this sinks in as you become more aware and grateful for the gifts God has given you.

When more and more people come to you for help in this passion area – you then realize that you can impact people with your knowledge… your skills aren’t things that everyone knows how to do already. And it’s your lane and purpose to use them to help serve others.

Of course, going into business everyone wants to make profits – but I believe when you can think less about monetizing and put more effort into serving your niche audience, you’ll find more success with deeper connections.

That’s what makes my signature Stay in Your Lane Brand Method so valuable.

If you can nail this method, stay patient, and consistent, the money will come. You can learn about my method and products mentioned at

🎙LISTEN TO DANIELE share what kind of impact she can already feel she’s making on others.

Using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, I offer women a roadmap to discover the fortune (influence!) that lies within their brand and leverage it to make their business more profitable faster.

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While I don’t believe there’s a perfect time to start a business I do believe these 4 signs will help you take action to get your passion business off the ground.

1 – You can’t stop thinking about your passion.  

2 – God keeps nudging you into your lane.   

3 – You never get burned out with this business topic.  

4 – You want to make an income while making an impact.

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Joel Osteen shared a tweet this week that read:

Are you going to choose to stay comfortable, or are you going to step out in faith and take a risk? If you’ll leave the comfort and come into your calling, God will make things happen that you couldn’t make happen. Doors will open that you couldn’t open.

I love this reminder that action is needed for God’s blessings to be granted to you… And these signs are a great start to move in that direction. 

As well as surrounding yourself with the right people and support network. 

Debbie downers and negative nellies are not allowed at your table any longer.

You need people along your journey that can help you set up your sales process, navigate roadblocks, make sure you stay in your lane, find new opportunities, and share in your success.

Your passion can put you on the lane to starting a successful business, but once you combine your passion with these supporting elements, you can truly become an unstoppable force as you serve others with your gifts.


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The Social Note Community is for women (from all countries) who are fed up with the sales tactics being reinforced throughout the online industry today. 

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by Kristin Korn

Ep 49: 4 Signs That It’s Time To Start Your Passion Business With Daniele Mineck


I help women go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of building a confident, brand-focused online business.

I believe your life experiences and layers of pivots help define what you stand for and lead you to a life with purpose.

Using my signature Stay in Your Lane Roadmap, I help you generate high-quality leads and increase sales conversions by applying an automated simplistic sales process through consulting, courses, done-for-you solutions, and a membership community.


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Your new Creative & Sales Strategy Coach.

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