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Podcast Show Notes

One of the most popular responses I receive on my website chat box is people needing help with social media content. They don’t know what to post that will make them likable, build trust, increase their engagement, and attract more of the right people to their brand.

They only know how to post about their products, so looking within their brand to pull out their uniqueness can be somewhat of a hang up for them.

Or they don’t understand how talking about their obsession for nail polish will result in more sales for their skincare business.

Maybe I’m describing you?

how people grow trust with your brand

But if you can take a birds eye view to your brand… you can see how if one person gets introduced to your brand because of love of nail polish, because they too love nail polish, they hopefully will click that FOLLOW button and see that there’s more to your brand than nail polish.

They stick around and read your captions, visit your blog, and maybe even sign up for your newsletter because they like your transparency and have started to grow trust with you.

What lifestyle topics to use

So what lifestyle topics could you post about to build trust and depth in your brand?

Well, some marketers call them your content pillars, gifs, or brand stickers. I started calling them brand bubbles years ago because they are the topics you live and think of most often.

But the concept is the same.

Whatever terminology you want to use – know they are the entry points by which your audience gets introduced to your brand. They are the overarching topics that encompass your business, brand, and who you are as a living, breathing, unique human.

When you have five topics you post about, it adds dimension to your brand …. So you’re not scaring off your audience by only posting about your products or client work.

Remember, you are a person with a business, so using brand entry points is how you showcase your PERSONAL BRAND. It’s how you become memorable and trusted.

my 5 brand bubbles

I can’t tell you how many times over the years people will dm me or tag me in margarita memes and stay in your lane quotes! When people see a margarita, they think of me! And vice versa – when people think of me, they think of my brand bubbles.

  1. Margaritas on the rocks with salt
  2. Cactus and my love for Arizona
  3. Island obsession for Exuma Bahamas
  4. Personal Brand Marketing – Stay in Your Lane
  5. Coach’s Wife + Girl Mom
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how to attract people

Using these brand bubbles as part of your content strategy is essential. This is how you get people to come to you. You don’t chase people down to tell them about your business. You find a common connection within one of your bubbles.

With an active sales process like we discussed in Episode 50 – even if a follower comes into your brand for your love of fuzzy socks… they might a few days later become a customer for your nutrition advice!

That’s the great thing about entry points… they are the different ways people can come to know you… but then can result in a considerable boost for your business!

>> Ep 45: 4 Social Media Mistakes You Are Making

coming up with your five brand bubbles

So before the day is over, I want you to think of FIVE things you do, say, or show over and over again that become your brand bubbles and brand entry points.

Let’s think about it in terms of, “If you were getting five gifs designed for you, which five would you choose?” Yes, as in those fun moving stickers you can add to your Instagram Stories. What are five things about your personal brand that you could see as stickers?

If you’re stuck, here are some places to start.

  • What daily habits do you regularly share online?
  • Which favorite hobbies do you love spending your weekends doing?
  • Review your stories over the past month? Is there a Theme? Something you post about often?
  • Maybe ask friends and family for help.
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brand Bubble examples

When I think of friends in my timeline, I immediately can think of memorable brand bubbles for them.

For instance, my client Amanda Grask runs every morning – when I scroll through my IG stories, I know I’m going to see a photo of her feet in running shoes whether it’s outdoors or inside.

Or another one is Jamie Soucy and her new baby – she shares every morning around 7 am the unswaddling of her baby girl and the huge stretches she makes once she’s free. So cute and so memorable.

And lastly, one of my social note members, Kristin Longacre, is in school to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and loves the Healthy Human brand of water bottles. So much so she even became an ambassador for the brand.

Build trust and depth in your brand

These brand bubbles are psychological triggers that help you build a stronger brand that people know, like, and trust. As I work with my 1:1 clients – they even become Blog Categories that we write content for.

But remember, they don’t have to be directly related to your expertise or your business – actually, they shouldn’t be. One of your five brand bubbles, of course, needs to be your business and core interest – but the others allow your audience to feel that they know you, even if they’ve never met you!

And these can phase in and out as seasons change or your interests pivot.

By sharing more than your business allows you to build trust and depth in your brand.

Commit to sharing them more often

So once you have your five brand bubbles – How can you commit to sharing them more often?

Inside step three of my Stay in Your Lane Course Roadmap called PROMOTE I offer a Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System Course where I teach you how to use these brand bubbles inside lifestyle posts to help you make connections with new audiences. Besides Lifestyle posts, I share seven other content types that will help you pull people through the three stages of buying levels… connection, shift, and educate.

To learn more about this Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System Course go to

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When you can efficiently and quickly create, plan, and schedule your core identity content to increase brand awareness and attract more customers, you start to bring more people into your sales process. Inside my Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System, I teach you the secret technique to target your niche market with the right content at the right time which will lead them to a sale faster.

When you can efficiently and quickly create, plan, and schedule your core identity content to increase brand awareness and attract more customers, you start to bring more people into your sales process.

Again the site to learn more about this course is

You can find all my Stay in your Lane Courses at


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But as you determine your five brand bubbles and brand entry points – I want you to remember that small keys open big doors. No matter how boring you think, your quirky interest is – it could open the door to new collaborations, clients, and connections!

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by Kristin Korn

Ep 59: How To Build Trust And Depth In Your Brand With These Lifestyle Topics


I help women go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of building a confident, brand-focused online business.

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