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I believe every type of business needs a lead magnet if they ever want to generate consistent automated leads online. When you use lead magnets you can attract high-quality prospects into your sales funnel. In 2020 alone I gained over 4,500 new email subscribers because of my lead magnets.

In this article, I share 7 points that Make A Lead Magnet Irresistible so you can start tweaking or creating a new lead magnet that generates consistent leads today.

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Why are lead magnets important

What’s important to understand is that a lead magnet is at the front of your value ladder. This means it’s the first impression your ideal client has with your brand outside of your content marketing on social media and your blog.

When done right an irresistible lead magnet will turn your ideal client into a lifetime customer.

You get them on your email marketing list, they consume your lead magnet, and hopefully, it sets them up for the next step which is purchasing your products.

What happens over the course of this action is they see you as having authority with their pain point. Their trust increases with you thus you deepen connections with your subscribers.

Entice people to your list

As I discussed in episode 61 when I taught you how to create a lead magnet in a single afternoon, I mentioned that we are all busy and in front of thousands of marketing messages, every click we make. So you need to offer high-value to a reader to get them to hand over their email address.

Remember, gone are the days of putting a basic email sign up box as a website pop-up or at the end of your blog article.

To entice people to subscribe to your list, you must offer them something that delivers an immediate benefit. A transformation they can get without spending hours reading, watching, or listening to consume your solution.

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7 points that Make A Lead Magnet Irresistible

So today I want to share 7 points that Make A Lead Magnet Irresistible that I researched from OptinMonster. So you can start tweaking or creating a new lead magnet that generates consistent leads.

1. Solves a real problem

If your lead magnet doesn’t solve a real problem that your ideal client has, or if it doesn’t give them something they really want, it won’t work at all. Remember, your lead magnet is the gateway to your paid offers and at the very beginning of your value ladder. So it should be the prerequisite to prepare people for the transformation process in your paid product. It should solve their #1 problem.

2. Promises one quick win

Your lead magnet should promise (and deliver) one quick win for your ideal client. In other words, it should help them to easily achieve something. They should get a quick transformation from consuming your lead magnet. 

3. Is super-specific

Don’t create a lead magnet about something general. The more specific you are about the benefit of your lead magnet, the better it will convert readers into leads. This goes back to your core foundation and knowing who your ideal client is and what they need most.

4. Quick to digest 

PDF checklists and short quizzes tend to convert really well because they are so quick and easy to digest. eBooks or lengthy reports may make your prospects feel overwhelmed. The lesson here is longer isn’t always better.


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5. High in value

Your lead magnet should have both high perceived value and high actual value. Meaning by going through this transformation inside the lead magnet you’ve saved them time, money, or helped them earn more money which leads to the high actual value.

6. Instantly accessible

Your lead magnet will work best if it is something that can be delivered right away. People love instant gratification. For example, if the lead magnet is a PDF –  when someone enters their email address into the signup form it adds them to the lead magnet list inside my email platform and triggers an immediate email that contains the download link which I host on a third-party site such as google drive. It’s all automated and happens instantly.

7. Confirms your expertise or unique value proposition

When someone consumes your lead magnet, it should demonstrate your expertise on this topic. A unique value proposition is a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs, and what distinguishes you from the competition. I refer to the UVP as your niche statement. It’s as simple as who you help and how you help them.  This type of authority helps turn leads into paying customers as they move further up your value ladder.

In Closing

So with this information in mind, I hope it inspires you to go create a new lead magnet or tweak a current one you already have. These tips could literally be the tipping point to generating more leads for your business!

Here’s my 2020 email growth using Lead Magnets and these tips!

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Ep 44: 5 Ways To Make Sure Your Lead Magnet Isn’t A Big Fail

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Since I share awe-inspiring resources and must-have products for business builders like you who want to streamline their business – my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn margarita-money which I promise to drink responsibly after creating more helpful content like this. All kidding aside, it’s my responsibility to let you know that an income (however small or large it may be) is made from recommending products I love, use and share with other awesome people like yourself. With your support, I’m able to commit time to this blog and to each of you on your journey!

by Kristin Korn

Ep 64: What Makes A Lead Magnet Irresistible


I help online business owners go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of how to generate high-quality leads and increase their sales conversions.

I believe the two keys to establishing a lasting business are (1) using your personal experiences to connect with others and (2) automating your sales process.

Whether you build a sales process yourself or have it done for you, I want you to have options available so you can take action today.


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