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One Simple Way To Align Your Content With Your Target Audience

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You work hard to write copy, take photos, and schedule your content – but what happens when it gains you zero attention? Do you scrap it and proclaim you don’t know how to write content? Nope, not at all. In this article, I’m sharing the one thing to keep in mind to align your content with your target audience. It may take a little leg work upfront but believe me; it will save you hours and hours of pain down the road when it’s complete!

When your content gets zero attention

Everyone wants to avoid wasting time in their business, especially when creating content for social media, email, and blog. It can be the biggest time-suck of your week if you are taking hours to write up content that gains you zero attention.

When this happens, there’s one thing that comes to mind. It’s not that your content is horrible. But that you are talking to the wrong audience inside of it.

You work hard to write copy, take photos, and schedule your content – so let’s make sure it’s getting heard by the right audience.

The first thing I do with a client

When I start working with a client, the first thing we do is called “Discover Your Core Foundation.” It’s the first step of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Roadmap for a reason because it lays the foundation for your entire brand moving forward.

I do nothing else with a client until we finish this step.

Inside your Core Foundation lays the basic framework to determine your CORES: core interest, core beliefs, core brand story, and core niche.

You need to discover this first

If you have less than stellar outcomes with your content, you need to know WHO to talk to inside of it. You need to discover your core niche audience. A niche audience is the broader term for your target market – I like to target ONE PERSON with my content – my ideal client avatar. It’s way easier to write to ONE person than several hundred or thousand.

I have an entire Personal Branding Playbook Mini-Course to discover your CORE Foundation – so if you haven’t added this to your Kristin Korn library yet – I highly suggest you do. You can get instant access at It’s valued at $1,500 but you won’t pay anywhere near that.

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Personal Branding Playbook™ is a 7-day mini-course and digital asset bundle to Discover Your Core Foundation. Step one of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Roadmap.

The one thing to keep in mind

So to align your content with your target audience, there is one thing to keep in mind. What transformation is my ideal client looking for?

I suggest getting a pen and paper out and taking time to answer the following two questions?

And when I say ideal client – that is the ONE PERSON who you want to help. So keep him or her at the front of your mind at all times.

1 – What pain-points does your ideal client have?

You want to know their behaviors and thoughts. By doing so, you can make sure to help solve them with your service or product. If you don’t recognize these detailed limiting beliefs, thoughts, and problems, you’ll never reach the right audience with your content.

2. What does your ideal client avatar want?

You just wrote down what pain they are having, so switch that – what do they want? This could be a feeling or physical change, but what in detail does your ideal client desire to see change?

how to align your content

When you know those two things – you know how to align your content with your target audience. You talk to them about their pain points and how your product or service can deliver them their wants.


the one thing to keep in mind to align your content with your target audience.
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In Closing: Content For Your Target Audience

In most cases, you never even have to mention your product. If you use a value story, as I discussed in Episode 70, and shift your focus to the people you want to serve. When you relieve the pain they might feel or want to avoid, you’ll stop having to wonder why your marketing seems stuck or ineffective.

Remember, people don’t buy the thing. They buy what that the thing will do for them. 

But to write compelling content, you first must know every detail about your ideal client and niche audience, especially their pains and wants.

So again, if this is a struggle for you – get my Personal Branding Playbook Mini-Course at It is my proven plan to attract more people to your brand and stand out from competitors. Stop wasting another minute on caption templates that do nothing for your long-term success and sustainability.

When you discover your core foundation, your ideal client will never again skip over your content.

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by Kristin Korn

Ep 75: One Simple Way To Align Your Content With Your Target Audience


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