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How To Find Your Purpose In A Traditional Career Path With Guest Kristin Longacre 2

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Let me cut to the chase here and say I know all about the inner struggles of keeping a great-paying job while trying to find what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. Maybe you’ve juggled it all – full-time career and direct sales, but something was still not connecting with your inner purpose. In this interview with Kristin Longacre, she shares how she was able to find her purpose in a traditional career path. I think you’ll find so much inspiration! Let’s dive in.

Ever wonder if there was more to life than your 9-5?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say at one time or another we’ve all been there. Sitting in our 9-5 job wondering if this is the path for us. Maybe it’s the co-workers, or paycheck that keeps you there but there’s a part of you that wonders what else?

What else could you be doing alongside this full-time traditional career that would bring more meaning to your life?

It’s not like you can up and quit that career to find out. You most likely went to college to land that job and you might even be paying back that loan.

Testing the Waters of Direct Sales

So maybe you test the waters of direct sales. It’s easy to get into with the possibility of extra income, earned trips, and a community of women – that does sound intriguing. But after a while, that didn’t connect with your inner purpose either.

This is a story that I hear all too often

So now what?  

Well this is a story that I hear all too often with clients.

It’s a story that I lived myself. So I know all about the inner struggles of keeping a great paying job and trying to find what makes you truly happy and fulfilled.

And in reality most of waste a ton of years and money trying to figure it all out.

But I like to think the years weren’t wasted. Financially? …probably some of it, yes. But the time? … I don’t think so.

I believe it gave you the experiences needed to discover your purpose.

Listen to My Full interview with Kristin Longacre

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Ep 80: How To Find Your Purpose In A Traditional Career Path


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