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3 Impactful Tasks You Need To Automate

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As an online business owner, you find yourself busy day in and day out. Between promoting your business on social media, communicating with current customers, and trying your best to gain new ones – It’s a lot to do as a solopreneur. So what if there was a way to take the tasks you find yourself repeating day in and day out and start automating them? In this article, I share three of the most impactful tasks that you can start automating today that will open up more time and focus for marketing tasks that matter when it comes to gaining new business.

Being a solopreneur is a lot to do… until now

As an online business owner, you find yourself busy day in and day out.

  • Researching new ways to generate leads while sending messages and following up with current leads and customers. 
  • You have to promote your business, so you spend hours upon hours creating graphics and captions for social media.
  • Manage your current customers, products, business trainings, all while trying to stay organized.

It’s a lot to do as a solopreneur. 

So what if there was a way to take the tasks you find yourself repeating day in and day out and start automating them? Meaning you set up a system where those tasks get done by someone else or a tech system.

Three Tasks to automate

In this episode, I’m going to share 3 of the most impactful tasks that you can start automating today that will open up more time and focus for marketing tasks that matter when it comes to gaining new business.

1 – Automate your weekly emails and create a reusable email template to deepen connections with your current subscribers.

The first one is automating your weekly emails. Now I talk about email marketing in just about every Branding Bites Podcast episode because I believe it’s the top way to turn email subscribers into repeat paying clients. But before getting automated sales sequences set up, I suggest starting with a regular weekly email newsletter.

This newsletter concept has been around since computers were born, but with a simple strategy, you can bring value to your subscriber and want to OPEN, READ, and CLICK the links inside your email.

I use new blog content as the foundation for the subject of my weekly emails. And since I set up an email template, it becomes straightforward to use some of the best content from my blog and the pre-designed email template to speed up my time when sending my weekly emails to my list.

So things to consider on the email template would be your header with your logo, signature logo at the bottom, along with your website and all other social links.

So say goodbye to manual emails and say hello to creating a system that speeds up your writing, design, and delivery time!

2 – Set up a product demo video as your lead magnet with an opt-in form to gain new high-quality leads.

Set up a product demo video as your lead magnet. Everyone has products or services to sell. So why not create a short – typically 5-10 minute video that showcases your product and how it’s used?

But the kicker here is to turn this into a high-quality lead generator for you. To do this, you want to create an opt-in form utilizing your current CRM software such as Mailchimp or my favorite Active Campaign to collect their email address BEFORE giving them access to the landing page that houses your video.

Walla, this is something you can do in just a couple of hours. And don’t think your video needs to be some high-level production. Simply get it done, make it valuable, and improve upon it later. This video demo with opt-in is the perfect way to AUTOMATE leads!


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3 – Create a Social Media Content Queue, so you are never without content to post.

I know that social media is essential to you. It’s one of my main ways to create connections with new and current subscribers outside Pinterest, my Blog, and Emails. But it can be super stressful without a content strategy in place or a way to organize your captions and images.

I turn to Trello to help me automate and cut down hours of content creation time. Using my strategy for connection, shift, and educate posts, I can quickly pull content from my blogs to turn into captions for social media and put them into my Sked scheduler.

Using this strategy, I can write copy and create images (in Canva) for one entire week of daily social media posts in just one hour. How’s that for a vast time-saving automated technique?

Recap: Time Saving Tips

I know you may not have the systems and platforms I mentioned in your business yet, but these are essential investments that you need to make to scale.

To avoid becoming burned out in your business, these are the types of tasks that you can start to automate and bulk create that will begin to free up hours upon hours a day for you.

My Time-Saving Online Tools and Systems

My 20+ years of Experience in building an automated business

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In Conclusion

I understand that new technology can be overwhelming at the beginning, but so is anything new. 

What I can tell is by incorporating your daily tasks into batchable automated systems, you start to really free up your time while still generating income.

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by Kristin Korn

Ep 84: 3 Impactful Tasks You Need To Automate


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