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Ep 98: How To Reduce Stress With A Capsule Wardrobe 

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If there’s one thing, we business owners need less of its stress. I share ways to automate your marketing efforts in most episodes, but I want to discuss another stressor… And that’s the stress of your wardrobe. With a busy schedule, you’ll save yourself multiple decisions every day by narrowing your wardrobe down to thoughtfully selected articles in what is called a capsule wardrobe. Inside this article, I share the benefits of starting a capsule wardrobe, what goes in one, and how to receive a personalized color analysis. 


I help motivated women whose capacity extends beyond a traditional career transition from feeling stuck and off-course to igniting their personal brand with an impactful strategy.

I believe that when building a brand, your life experiences and layers of pivots help define what you stand for and lead you to a life with purpose.

Using my signature Personal Branding Roadmap, I help you define, develop, and market your unique sales process through consulting, online programs, and a membership library.

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I'm kristin korn.
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You want to ditch the hustle to do more purposeful work and impact those whom you are meant to serve, but you’re feeling deserted and discouraged with trying to figure everything out on your own; therefore, you need to lean on others who’ve gone before you and follow their actionable steps to begin building your business from a place of rest.


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You want to attract and retain loyal customers, but your current sales and marketing strategy isn’t gaining you online leads; therefore, you need a team to develop a sustainable and effective brand strategy that encompasses your skills, positioning, and sales offers.

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You have a deep-down desire to fulfill your potential, grow personally, and take action to follow your passion, but you don’t know how to start sorting through a brand strategy or online business plan; therefore, you need a DIY program to walk you through how to define, build, and market your brand.

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