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Ep 24: How To Market Your Online Business During Uncertain Times

by Kristin Korn

There’s no denying everyone is living in a bit of fear right now… with their health, their food supply, their mental well being, their family, kids schooling, all the things that usually don’t consume this much worry and brain space.

Besides the usual day to day life – we then have an online business to keep afloat.

Then the question you’re suddenly asking is.. 

“How do I market my online business and personal brand while being sensitive to the current environment?”


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Ep 23: Why It May Be Time To Marie Kondo Your Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve heard her voice loud and clear – Out with the clutter – if it doesn’t spark joy then we don’t need it. 
And in today’s episode, I’m not just talking about your underwear drawer or food pantry. The same goes for the content marketing strategy in your business.
Used to experts would say – show up every day – be seen – get in from of your customers – just post something.
But that was so 2018 and early 2019.
Yes – consistency and staying top of mind of your audience will always be key.  But it’s not about quantity over quality.

Why Using Caption Templates Hurts Your Brand

Want to use social media to grow your business? But have no idea what to post or say in your captions?! 🤷Here’s how to build trust and monetize your brand.

Episode 21: Ditch Multi-Tasking For This Time-Saving Trick: with Special Guest Jenny Taylor

Ep 21: Ditch Multi-Tasking For This Time-Saving Trick: with Special Guest Jenny Taylor

Multitasking seems like a great way to get a lot done at once. I mean us entrepreneurs are always looking to save time and get more things done so if we can knock different tasks right after one another or at once – isn’t that a good way to increase productivity?

While multitasking might seem like you are accomplishing many things at once, research has shown that our brains are not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks as we like to think we are.

Ep 20: My #1 Secret To Writing Magnetic Copy

Whether it’s a weekly email you send out to your list, an Instagram post, a blog entry, or you are building a sales page for your digital product offer… we all strive to write copy that draws the reader closer to us and deepens our connection with them, right?
I train a lot about this in my Content Marketing Step of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method.
What we really want is writing that’s compelling, interesting, and unique to use.
We need copywriting that’s magnetic.

Ep 14: The 5-Step Method For Building A Direct Sales Business On The Web

If there’s one business that’s easy to start and one you can make income right away with, it’s one in direct sales — having been a part of a few direct sales models in my day, I’ve seen marketing done well, while also done horribly wrong.

With over eight years of experience in this space, I’ve used a simple system to grow my business portfolio into a six-figure annual income while being a part of multiple direct sales companies. 

Press play right now on Branding Bites Podcast Episode 14 as I share the first mistake I made in my direct sales business and my 5-Step Method For Building A Direct Sales Business On The Web. A proven way to attract new clients, create engagement, and grow your online sales… in less than 30 days!

You Could Double Your Engagement On Instagram By Doing THIS

Ep 13: You Could Double Your Engagement On Instagram By Doing THIS

Everyone seems to want to get their hands on the magic trick that will take their account from 2k to 10k followers overnight. But today, I want to give you my thoughts on this whole follower obsession and show you why engagement should be your top priority over follower count.

0 Caption Starters To Express Gratitude on Social Media

Ep 10: 10 Caption Starters To Express Gratitude on Social Media

On the Last Episode I shared what steps to take to overcome the ‘comparison trap’ with a gratitude state of mind in order to live with such clarity you will have no time or need to compare your life to others. If you missed it, go back to Branding Bites Podcast Episode #9.

Today I want to piggyback off that topic and share ten caption starters In Order To Express Gratitude on Social Media as a business owner.
It will take some thinking (and probably thinking in a new way) and sharing some personal thoughts about your journey but don’t be afraid to get personal and let people into your world. 

Remember, you are a brand and the more you can share who you really are the better it is for creating authentic relationships and trust.

How To Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Field While Staying Authentic

Ep 8: How To Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Field While Staying Authentic

In today’s world of digital marketing and online sales, one thing to understand from the beginning is that you’re “selling” so much more than just your product or service on a daily basis.

Every day readers of your original content are paying attention to the experience that your brand gives them, and the emotions that you invoke within them.

What this means is that you are not selling your product, service or opportunity…

You’re in reality selling yourself, your image and your reputation.

Which is short, is your personal brand.

You sell you personal brand every time you show up online.

The real reason people unsubscribe from your emails.

Ep 7: The Real Reason People Unsubscribe From Your Emails

This week I cussed and eight people unsubscribed within one hour of pressing SEND on my weekly email.

My “get your shit together in 2020” campaign listed the five steps I recommended for your brand and business but after sending it several unsubscribed.

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