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Strengthening your mindset has you concentrating solely on topics that matter.  In other words, it’s our mindset and response that we can control and nothing else. By letting go of what’s draining us we open ourselves up to a more positive mindset.

When you focus on your own personal development and mindset lessons, they will give you everything you need to find success in your business right where you are.


Doing the Hard to Get Ahead

Whether it’s my basketball coaching husband or my entrepreneurial self … one thing is certain. Doing the hard and putting yourself out there will only bring you closer to your goals. Today I’m sharing why and how to move yourself forward!


10 Traits of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

A woman entrepreneur getting ahead in business and life is rarely a lucky accident. Rather, it typically involves hard work, perseverance, tenacity and the right kind of helpful habits. Being a woman entrepreneur myself, for the past...

TAKE ACTION ON YOUR OWN GOALS and stop listening to that negative voice in your head. 0

What Voice in Your Head are You Listening To?

Today I want to talk about WHO is controlling your decisions… the voice in your head. Do you find that It’s important that all your family and friends approve of your goals and choices? The...


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