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Ep 15: Why You Are Not A Fraud For Changing Your Mind

by Kristin Korn

Alright, today I want to talk about something near to my heart this past year. I want to discuss those times when we get into a situation and we tell someone we are going to do something and then… by some matter of the situation – you don’t feel as that comment is valid any longer.


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Ep 12: The #1 Productivity Hack Every Business Owner Needs To Use

Let’s get real. Feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted in your personal or professional life has nothing to do with how many awake hours you have to work.
It’s because the hours you do have you spend too much time trying to juggle more than one thing.
The highest cost of doing multiple things at once is a gradual, long-term decline in your productivity and satisfaction.
If I’m being honest, When you get in the habit of always dividing your attention you are half-assing every activity or task you do.

Ep 11: My One Unexpected Joy From 2019 That Could Bring You More Clarity

As we close out 2019 and enter a new year and a new decade it’s only appropriate to honor the past year by celebrating your joys, mourning your losses, and shaking your head at the wonder of all of it.

Today I wanted to get very honest and transparent with you and share an unexpected joy of mine from 2019.

I know many of you have direct sales experience or are currently in one so I think this story will help you in many ways find clarity if you are thinking of expanding or pivoting your business portfolio.

Ep 10: 10 Caption Starters To Express Gratitude on Social Media

On the Last Episode I shared what steps to take to overcome the ‘comparison trap’ with a gratitude state of mind in order to live with such clarity you will have no time or need to compare your life to others. If you missed it, go back to Branding Bites Podcast Episode #9.

Today I want to piggyback off that topic and share ten caption starters In Order To Express Gratitude on Social Media as a business owner.
It will take some thinking (and probably thinking in a new way) and sharing some personal thoughts about your journey but don’t be afraid to get personal and let people into your world. 

Remember, you are a brand and the more you can share who you really are the better it is for creating authentic relationships and trust.

Ep 9: How to Confront the ‘Comparison Trap’ With a Gratitude State of Mind

Gratitude seems to be more top of mind at the end of the year and rather than doing the basic … I’m grateful for (fill in the blank), today I’m going to dig into why we have such a hard time with being grateful.
Because let’s face it… the reason we can’t be grateful for what we have is that we are constantly comparing it to what someone else has.
So why is this? Why can’t we just be grateful for the blessings in front of us right now? Instead of going that step further with the comparison.

Ep 6: How to determine the Bullet Point Beliefs of Your Brand – Part 2

In a world of increasing distractions and “shiny objects,” finding YOUR purpose and core interest is more necessary than ever before. 
When you’re living in alignment with your true purpose, then every decision you make is rooted in pure confidence and joy, rather than fear. 

Ep 5: How to determine the Bullet Point Beliefs of Your Brand – Part 1

What I’ve learned by observing people is that many wish for something instead of understanding who they already are. So why is it that we set aside the bullet points of who we already are and instead waste time playing the comparison game of who we aren’t.
You have plenty to be thankful for right now just the way you are. 

Ep 2: Where to Turn When Your Life is Influenced Too Much by Others

What I’ve seen happen especially in my own life is that without a core purpose you become influenced by others. And your indecisiveness allows your journey to be controlled by other people.

When I look back on my life especially throughout high school and college there are so many times when I allowed others to dictate who I was.

Ep 1: What To Do When Your Brand Feels Stuck

It’s been incredibly moving to watch women get excited to see their business look legit and know how to speak to their audience a little more confidently.

For the last three years, I’ve helped hundreds of women who own a business be able to stand out a little more on social media using the branding strategies I teach and the logos and visual identity I designed for them.

Tackling Fears And New Territory Like A Kindergartener

New territory is hard!!!! Damn it’s hard. As I was walking my daughter into her first day of Kindergarten… her new school, new teacher, new classmates… new everything I noticed all morning she was lost on emotions. I could tell she didn’t know whether to be happy, sad, scared, so instead, she acted fake angry. […]

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