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The BRAND of Basketball from a Coach’s Wife

by Kristin Korn

I’ve heard my husband, Brad Korn, speak the term “brand of basketball” many times when referring to an opponent or team… 🏀 and while in the shower today (where all my great thoughts seem to come to me lately) I got to thinking about brands when it comes to colleges and their athletics departments. I’m usually […]


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Plant based butter bean bowl

Butter Bean and Caesar Bowl Recipe

The only beans I am used to eating are the ones in my weekly burrito covered in white queso cheese at our local Mexican restaurant… so when I saw these butter beans in my new recipe from Purple Carrot I was a bit skeptical. But Butter Beans for the WIN!And crisp broccolini – you are […]

Essential Oils LOVE Valentines Kristin Korn20

Valentine OILS you and {he} will LOVE

Inside this issue, you’ll find lots of ideas for DIYs, rollers, diffuser combos and more for Valentine’s Day and romance. All oils can be purchased HERE. Get in the mood for love with these Valentine’s Day diffuser blends and rollers! Essential Oil LOVE Blends For Diffusers, just put a few drops of essential oils in […]

My Favorite Blueberry Muffin Protein Shake Recipe

Yes, there’s such a thing as a blueberry muffin that’s healthy for you and it’s in this protein shake recipe! Warm muffins out of the oven goodness every time you blend up this protein shake. Why drink protein shakes? I love indulging in this blueberry muffin protein shake as a meal replacement for lunch. Considering […]

How to make the perfect green smoothie

How to Blend the Perfect Green Smoothie Drink

OK, let’s just get real here… the thought of eating three servings of kale, celery, and spinach in a green smoothie drink sort of makes me want to gag. We know that greens are good for us as they pack in iron, potassium, and fiber to fuel and brighten your day so that you look […]

How to use Wallpaper to Freshen Your Home Office Space.

Is that really wallpaper? When my friend did an accent wall for her new baby’s room using peel and stick wallpaper I knew THIS is what I needed to do for my home office wall! It’s either scroll Pinterest and dream of ‘someday’ upgrading my office decor or make today I do something about it. […]

A new way to Smoothie

Let’s face it, being able to keep fruits and vegetables fresh in my home in order to blend up delicious smoothies doesn’t happen. They have withered away, attracting gnats and molding in my fridge before I’ve even gotten a chance to use them. And I know I’m not alone here. My intentions are always good […]


My First 8 Days to Becoming Healthier

Truth be told, becoming healthier wasn’t as hard I was putting it off to be… A few simple tweaks to my days and I’m feeling amazing after only 8 days. So as promised here’s how my first 8 days broke down as far as meals, workouts, and life. First, let me tell you what my […]


Shame On Me, My Health Journey Starts Today

My health wasn’t good. For the last two years, I’ve put in the extra hours. ???????? I worked overtime to build courses, email sequences, videos, blog entries, social content, funnels, and everything else that has gotten my branding and business company where it is today. Many other things have grown as well for me, including my library […]

With the start of another #MarchMadness weekend I feel pulled to share our real and raw basketball story with everyone.

Our Untold Ball Life Story – by a Coach’s Wife

The Raw Korn #BallLife Story…. told from me, the coach’s wife to Bradley Korn. This is going to be an entirely different post than you’ve ever heard from me before… but one I feel pulled to share. I want to take this time to share the story of the man behind my K-State posts and […]

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