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Battling cystic acne in my mid-thirties had me deep into depression… once my skin cleared my life changed.

I want YOU to feel confident and beautiful every day too… that’s why I’m taking the time to share my skincare experiences, and the professional information I have access to, so you can make wise choices that will leave your skin looking its best.

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Confidently getting thru life one serum, cream, and peptide at a time!


Four Effective Skincare Supercouples

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some product duos with fabulous chemistry …(literally!) Four must-have skincare supercouples. At Rodan + Fields, we love combining skincare products. In fact, our entire philosophy is this:...


Six Ways to Winterize Your Skin

How to cope when freezing weather has left your face rough, your lips chapped and your hands dry? I’m sharing six cold-weather tips. How are you winterizing your skin?   Our Rodan + Fields...


How to battle dry, winter skin.

Out with the old; in with the new: It’s the perfect January skincare mantra. If extreme weather or too much holiday fun has left your complexion dull and dry, one of the fastest and...


Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night

Sleep is when your body recovers from a busy day, and your skin cells undergo repair and turn over slightly faster to help your complexion appear bright and healthy-looking when you wake up. “Well-rested”...


Why I Stopped Managing my Direct Sales Team

You can’t motivate others… and it’s never your responsibility to do so. So why was I trying to manage my direct sales team?  This sits comfortably with me now… but not too long ago,...


6 Tips For Taking Your Perfect Selfie

Selfies are everywhere. Over 1,000 of them get posted to Instagram every 10 seconds, with billions a year uploaded to Google. But what if you aren’t particularly good at them? And because nailing the perfect selfie...


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