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Ep 7: The Real Reason People Unsubscribe From Your Emails

by Kristin Korn

This week I cussed and eight people unsubscribed within one hour of pressing SEND on my weekly email.

My “get your shit together in 2020” campaign listed the five steps I recommended for your brand and business but after sending it several unsubscribed.


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Ep 6: How to determine the Bullet Point Beliefs of Your Brand – Part 2

In a world of increasing distractions and “shiny objects,” finding YOUR purpose and core interest is more necessary than ever before. 
When you’re living in alignment with your true purpose, then every decision you make is rooted in pure confidence and joy, rather than fear. 

Ep 5: How to determine the Bullet Point Beliefs of Your Brand – Part 1

What I’ve learned by observing people is that many wish for something instead of understanding who they already are. So why is it that we set aside the bullet points of who we already are and instead waste time playing the comparison game of who we aren’t.
You have plenty to be thankful for right now just the way you are. 

Ep 4: How to Create a Holiday Campaign Brand Strategy That Will Get You Noticed This Season

A successful Holiday Promotion doesn’t happen without some thoughtful planning… and since you, my dear are a  purpose-driven CEO you aren’t going to pass up the chance to snag a new client or two or ten!

And if you think your tiny business doesn’t have a chance against the big dogs of the social space, think again. Remember, people do business with people… and the more emotion and storytelling you do the more you are going to connect with your ideal clients.

Ep 3: 6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable

Today I’m laying all my beliefs out there when it comes to why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable when it comes to building a business, advancing your career or becoming an influencer.

What it comes down to is if you don’t have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life.

Ep 2: Where to Turn When Your Life is Influenced Too Much by Others

What I’ve seen happen especially in my own life is that without a core purpose you become influenced by others. And your indecisiveness allows your journey to be controlled by other people.

When I look back on my life especially throughout high school and college there are so many times when I allowed others to dictate who I was.

Ep 1: What To Do When Your Brand Feels Stuck

It’s been incredibly moving to watch women get excited to see their business look legit and know how to speak to their audience a little more confidently.

For the last three years, I’ve helped hundreds of women who own a business be able to stand out a little more on social media using the branding strategies I teach and the logos and visual identity I designed for them.

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I’m Kristin Korn and I help women build online businesses.

As a Brand Strategist, I help women build an effective personal brand, which allows them to live life with purpose and stay authentic to who they are as they start, strengthen, and scale their business long term.

Most weekdays, you'll find me in (intentional) creative-mode working from my home office… but evenings are reserved for playing with my kiddos and sipping margaritas with friends. As a coach's wife, most weekends are spent cheering on my husband's basketball team or attending sporting events here in Manhattan, Kansas.


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