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Ep 18: How To Use Your Superpower To Attract New Clients

How To Use Your Superpower To Attract New Clients

by Kristin Korn

Every personal brand has a unique set of core beliefs that shape who you are as a brand. I covered these in a two-part podcast series in episodes #5 and #6  if you need a refresher to discover yours.

Once your beliefs are uncovered, your “superpowers” help guide your vision, strengthen your authority, differentiate your brand, and attract customers that love you.


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5 Reasons Why Talking to Fewer People Will Increase Your Profits

Ep 17: 5 Reasons Why Talking to Fewer People Will Increase Your Profits

Ok so you start a business you have a product or collection of products to sell and you start marketing all of them to everyone in your timeline right? I mean success will come faster if you offer a range of services… the more the merrier.

Because after all… if you just chose to market ONE THING how will you ever get enough customers?

Boy oh boy was this was one area in my business that I missed the mark on big time in the beginning. 

Kristin Korn Episode 16 copy

Ep 16: You Will Fail On Instagram If You Don’t Choose To Do THIS

Alright, so there’s an old saying that goes along the lines that if you do not have a brand, you have a commodity.

First let’s start off by explaining what commodities are. Commodities are interchangeable goods. And yes I was raised a farm girl so here me out on this one….

You Could Double Your Engagement On Instagram By Doing THIS

Ep 13: You Could Double Your Engagement On Instagram By Doing THIS

Everyone seems to want to get their hands on the magic trick that will take their account from 2k to 10k followers overnight. But today, I want to give you my thoughts on this whole follower obsession and show you why engagement should be your top priority over follower count.

Ep 4: How to Create a Holiday Campaign Brand Strategy That Will Get You Noticed This Season

A successful Holiday Promotion doesn’t happen without some thoughtful planning… and since you, my dear are a  purpose-driven CEO you aren’t going to pass up the chance to snag a new client or two or ten!

And if you think your tiny business doesn’t have a chance against the big dogs of the social space, think again. Remember, people do business with people… and the more emotion and storytelling you do the more you are going to connect with your ideal clients.

6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable

Ep 3: 6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable

Today I’m laying all my beliefs out there when it comes to why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable when it comes to building a business, advancing your career or becoming an influencer.

What it comes down to is if you don’t have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life.

Digital Course Quiz

How To Determine What Kind Of Digital Course To Create

Take the “What Type of Digital Course Should I Create?” Quiz and let that seed of an idea grow into something totally doable.

3 Best Ways to Build Curiosity Using Social Media For Your Business

3 Best Ways to Build Curiosity Using Social Media For Your Business

One thing is for sure is that social media sells stuff… and if there is a common request from my branding students it’s that they want to become good at personal branding and attraction marketing… and therefore comes building curiosity. Today I’m going to share with you what I believe to be the 3 Best Ways […]

Why You Are Talking To Too Many People

How to talk to less people (your niche) and make more money

Today I want to talk about why talking to too many people actually will HURT your profits. Which means I’m going to help you carve your space and find your niche and be known for a very specific thing. I love how Amy Porterfield says…. “The Riches are in the Niches” and I couldn’t agree […]

Are Posting Times Really Important to Instagram Marketing?

Posting times do matter. In fact, posting times are crucial because it’s all about visibility. You want your target members to find you on Instagram when they are available. You want them to see your brand when they are actively checking out their Instagram updates.  When you know that you make more sales or be […]

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