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One of the worst bad habits that might be holding you back from accomplishing your business goals is something that many people don’t even realize they are doing. It’s called limiting beliefs. When it comes to starting a business or even taking the time to build a brand correctly, there are many excuses that you tell yourself as to why you can’t do it. Let’s dig into clearing limiting beliefs once and for all so you can start to remove them from your life.

You may say, “I’m not popular enough,” “I don’t have any business experience,” “It’s too hard for me right now.” All these excuses will just hold you back from what you’re capable of achieving in life if only you were willing to challenge yourself more than usual!  You must realize and understand your limiting beliefs to start to remove them from your life.

Many times, when people are feeling stuck in life, they are actually experiencing inactivity due to their limiting beliefs–they’ve gotten into a rut and don’t know how to get out of it. You need to recognize what your fears are telling you about yourself–are you really holding yourself back because of someone else’s expectations? Or do you think that others won’t approve of you? 

What Is A Limiting Belief?

A belief is how we view ourselves, the world around us, and everything else in general. 

Limiting beliefs are the mental blocks that limit an individual’s growth potential. Though it might seem like just “thinking things” to some people, limiting beliefs have much power over your life.

They can prevent you from flourishing in particular areas of your life just because you convinced yourself that you don’t have what it takes or it’s not worth the hassle. However, the problem with this attitude is that there are so many ways to break free!

When considering different paths for running a business, creating content, or being social–there are limitless opportunities for growth if only we believed in ourselves enough to take them.

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clearing limiting beliefs
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Where Do Self-Limiting Beliefs Come From?

Limiting beliefs differ from person to person depending on their upbringing, surroundings, and how they view themselves. The source of the limiting belief can be traced to someone else or something you were told at a very young age growing up. 

“Most limiting beliefs are largely developed during childhood. The author of the bestselling book The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton, talks about how from birth to around age seven, you operate primarily in brain wavelengths that are very close to a hypnotic state. When you are a kid, you are literally a sponge, soaking up every little thing around you in order to record “bad and good” behaviors/emotions.” – source

We’ve likely all been guilty of limiting ourselves at some point or another in our lives. As we grow older, it’s essential to be aware of the negative beliefs we’re telling ourselves and not let them hold us back from achieving great things in life.

Limiting beliefs don’t always manifest themselves as conscious thoughts but rather an overriding sense that something isn’t possible because whatever may go wrong will go wrong. Many times though, people who place unrealistic limitations on their lives have no idea that they’re doing it! 

If you want to break free from this self-imposed prison (and start clearing limiting beliefs!), you should start by permitting yourself to fail!

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What Are Some Common Limiting Beliefs?

There are literally hundreds of limiting beliefs out there, but the important thing is to identify them and attempt at clearing limiting beliefs from your life as much as possible.

Here are five common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from building a brand and living out your purpose.

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1. I don’t have enough experience.

There are many limiting beliefs, such as the thought that you can’t do specific tasks unless you have experience. We frequently hear at CORE Brand Marketing Group from women who aren’t active on Instagram that they can’t use the platform for business because they aren’t even active on it for their personal life.

This sort of thinking will make it impossible for you to learn something new if you don’t believe that doing it isn’t possible without having previous knowledge or experience doing it first. Doing gives you all the experience you need.

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2. It’s just not my time.

This is an excuse that we all give when we’re afraid to step out and take what belongs to us in life. Usually, something else (for example, people or circumstances) stands in your way and prevents you from taking action. The truth is if you want something bad enough, then there will always be a way for it to happen, even if it’s not absolutely perfect or in the exact timing that you desire.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is making sure whatever action you take gets you closer to where you want to be tomorrow than where you were yesterday.

3. I’m too old.

This excuse makes no sense because age or stage in life is not the problem. It’s all about where you are in your journey and what you’re capable of doing now. The truth is that if you really want something, nothing should stop you from achieving it at any age. I’ve had women in their 70s reach out to me to help them build their brand. 

Sure, there will be more complex things to overcome as time passes, but with proper planning and outsourcing, you can achieve just about anything at any age.

4. I’m scared no one will buy from me.

This excuse usually comes from a lack of confidence and self-love because we don’t feel comfortable with who we are and what we can do, so we try to use it as an excuse because it’s easier than taking action. Nobody likes to be afraid, but it’s essential to understand that fear is just a part of life, and everyone feels it sometimes. The truth is that if you’re not scared, then you probably haven’t pushed yourself far enough out of your comfort zone because there are always growth opportunities when you’re uncomfortable.

How will you ever have something different if you never try anything new?

Just remember that being afraid isn’t an excuse to do nothing.

5. I don’t have the time.

Having a full schedule can be good because it motivates us to stay active and productive, but our productivity will suffer if we use this as an excuse. These excuses often lead to procrastination, which eventually leads to the result of “nothing” because you never took any action.

There’s never going to be another perfect moment in time for anything, so learn how to make decisions now and don’t put your life on hold until you find some imaginary “perfect timing” that might never arrive. Every moment is right in the present moment, and you’re just delaying your dreams if you think that “the right time” will eventually come along.

Knowing What Your Limiting Beliefs Are

Once you’ve identified what bothers you the most in life, start looking at it from a different perspective. It isn’t always easy knowing your limiting beliefs, especially if they’re subconscious thoughts that tend to pop up when you least expect them to. Try thinking about some of the things that you find difficult doing in life or even some of the things that stress you out regularly.

For example, if you’re a person who is afraid of going out on their own and facing the world, ask yourself why you feel this way. After some self-reflection, you may realize that it’s because you don’t think that you’re capable of succeeding on your own without having someone to hold your hand every step of the way. In this case, try changing your mindset from one of fear to one of excitement. Clearing limiting beliefs means – Get excited about stepping into the unknown of your business and not knowing what’s around the corner. 

Knowing your limiting beliefs and then replacing them with positive ones will make life much easier for you and allow you to create goals in life with no limits.

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Being Aware Of Your Limiting Beliefs Is A Good Start

Suppose you’re serious about changing your life around and becoming successful in all aspects of life. In that case, you need to start challenging your limiting beliefs regularly instead of letting them hold you back. It isn’t always easy trying to change the way you think, but it certainly is one of the best things you could do for yourself.

All excuses are simply a way to avoid responsibility for what we want in our lives. There is no reason not to go after what we want, but if we make an excuse, there will always be a way out and no chance of getting what we desire most.

In Summary: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

In the end, these limiting beliefs are nothing more than lies that YOU’RE telling yourself. Don’t let them hold you back anymore–push past them today and see the world in an entirely new light! 

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