My #1 Secret To Writing Magnetic Copy
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Podcast Show Notes

Whether it’s a weekly email you send out to your list, an Instagram post, a blog entry, or you are building a sales page for your digital product offer… we all strive to write copy that draws the reader closer to us and deepens our connection with them, right?

I train a lot about this in my Content Marketing Step of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method.

What we really want is writing that’s compelling, interesting, and unique to use.

We need copywriting that’s magnetic.

Not skilled at copywriting?

And you may already be thinking… “Kristin, I have no talent when it comes to copywriting and you are speaking above my head already.”

But let me relieve your overwhelm and tell you that magnetic writing is NOT about talent or having skill in it.

For TWO reasons… 

#1 There are a few simple techniques that can make any copy you publish MORE COMPELLING.

#2 I have TWO desktop plugins that I use every day that will INSTANTLY have you writing more clear and proper.

So let me stop beating around the bush and spill the beans on My #1 secret to writing magnetic copy – here it is… it’s mind-blowing…

It is to write like I’m talking to my 3rd-grade daughter!!

It’s true!

You must get this app!

Ok so the first plugin is called the Hemingway App = it’s $20 if you buy the plugin for mac or pc but I use the free version by simply going to

I usually type out my messages in my notes app or in a google doc and then paste it into the Hemingway app website but you can certainly type your text right into the app also.

What is so awesome about this app is that you make your writing bold and clear… and easier for the reader to understand and focus on your message instead of all your disorganized thoughts.

Think of it as a spellchecker, but for style.

What does it do?

It will highlight common problems that can get in the way of clear writing:

  • Complex words or phrases
  • Extra-long sentences
  • Long sentences
  • Too many adverbs
  • Too many instances of passive voice

It color-codes each potential error type, so you can address them one at a time. 

Almost any bit of writing could use some cutting. Less is more mentality.

My favorite feature

But the BEST part is the way it scores your READABILITY. 

Hemingway judges the “grade level” of your text using the Automated Readability Index. It’s a reliable algorithm used since the days of electronic typewriters. Which is a really time ago!

Now, when I say “grade level,” I don’t say that’s who I’m writing for literally… In fact, Ernest Hemingway’s work scores as low 5th grade, despite his adult audience. 

What the measurement actually gauges is the lowest education needed to understand your copy. Studies have shown the average American reads at a tenth-grade level — so that’s a good target to NOT go above.

Writing that scores at a 15th-grade level is not better than writing at an 8th-grade level. In fact, a high-grade level often means it is confusing and tedious for any reader. 

Worse, it’s likely filled with jargon and useless words that will lose a reader.

To help you notice sentences that are difficult to read, Hemingway highlights them in yellow. For the most difficult sentences, it uses a red highlight.

With just a few changes, you can get your writing ready for even the toughest critics.

My personal grade level goal

My personal goal is to write LESS than an 8th-grade level and that’s pretty easy to do by keeping in mind these five copywriting tips:

  1. Use SHORT SENTENCES which are easy to read and digest.
  2. Be direct and to the point – flowery writing is not my style so I don’t write that way either
  3. Eliminating adjectives and adverbs that don’t add information to make my message sharper.
  4. Tell a story
  5. And lastly by writing informally – writing like I talk. Which is most time NOT above an eighth-grade level! Just being honest!

The spellchecker app I use

The second plugin that I use is called Grammarly – you may have heard of this one as it’s more popular. Again there is a free and paid version but for this one, I do have the premium option paid version of $12/month – go to there is a desktop plugin or app for your computer… it’s even accessible on your mobile phone.

What I love most about Grammarly isn’t only the spellchecker but its ability to spit out other words for the ones I’m using… for instance, if I use the sentence…

“You’re so good at that!” and I highlight the word GOOD – it will show me several other synonyms to use instead of good… including great, much, big, large, etc.

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It makes me have to think less… if that makes sense! 🙂

Plus the premium version has a plagiarism option – so you can scan your writing against other copy on the web to assure your content is free of plagiarism. 

Do you want to know how to efficiently and easily create, plan + schedule your original content to increase brand awareness and attract more customers?

Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System 

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When you can efficiently and quickly create, plan, and schedule your core identity content to increase brand awareness and attract more customers, you start to bring more people into your sales process. Inside my Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System, I teach you the secret technique to target your niche market with the right content at the right time which will lead them to a sale faster.

In conclusion

So there you have it!! 

#1 The FIVE simple copywriting techniques that can make any content you publish MORE COMPELLING.

#2 The TWO desktop plugins that I use every day that will INSTANTLY have you writing more clear and proper: Hemingway app and Grammarly.

My #1 secret to writing magnetic copy is writing so clear that even my 3rd-grade daughter could understand it!!

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