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Podcast Show Notes

You’ve heard her voice loud and clear “Out with the clutter. If it doesn’t spark joy then we don’t need it.”

And in today’s episode, I’m not just talking about your underwear drawer or food pantry. The same goes for the content marketing strategy in your business.

Experts used to say

Used to experts would say:

  • show up every day
  • be seen
  • get in front of your customers
  • just post something.

But that was so 2018 and early 2019.

Yes, consistency and staying top of mind of your audience will always be key.  But it’s not about quantity over quality.

I believe it’s the exact opposite. It’s quality over quantity when it comes to social media feed posts.

And when I say quality posts I mean more authentic storytelling and better message targeting.

Using automation in your business

These days even at a beginner business level you can easily set up a website, publish a blog, start a podcast, create videos, and post to social media and can do it well.

But now the focus comes to not the quantity of how much you are doing – but the message inside the content you are publishing.

Having things automated in your business is smart. I have an entire lesson inside my Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System where I walk you through my personal Instagram automation secrets. As well as my focused media mix approach so I can expand my digital reach by breaking up a large piece of content into dozens of bite-sized pieces.

It’s a fantastic strategy for staying top of mind especially on Twitter, Facebook Business pages and Instagram stories with less effort.

But when you rely too much on automation just to get something linked from your sites to your consumer you tend to lose the attraction piece.

Attraction is the most important

To me, the attraction piece is the most important. It’s what SETS your brand apart from the thousands of others who may be in the same industry as you.

When you can focus on building a brand-focused business you succeed at the attraction.

But you can’t build a brand-focused business by having so much random content going out of your account. People don’t even understand what you stand for, who you are, or if they are even a niche audience of yours.

So when you feel your content marketing strategy is cluttered and all over the place, it’s time to clear the clutter, pull in the reigns and do a spring-cleaning to your strategy.

how to attract and gain an audience

If you don’t know what you stand for – how is your client supposed to be attracted to your brand? They won’t.

They may like a few posts – maybe follow you for a bit – but when they see you are all over the place with content – they leave.

But do you blame them? You haven’t connected with them on a personal level that makes them want to stay.

And how can you do that?

By turning your brand influence into content that creates a deeper connection with your audience.

And how do you find your brand influence?

You use my approach to brand discovery to help you discover the fortune that lies hidden in your personal brand.

How to uncover your brand influence

What I do through this discovery is to ask you questions that dig into – what makes you, you. For example,

If you had a full day to yourself to spend doing something you love what would you do? 

When was the last time you were complimented on something as a skill or talent? 

By uncovering the behaviors, actions, passions, skills, and preferences you already posses we can then UNLOCK and determine your brand influence. And that is what will set you apart from all the clutter found online.

I love to help clients take WHO they already are and use those layers and layers of pivots, life cycles, and experiences to build a strong brand foundation that’s scalable and can beat any algorithm.

Is your content cluttered?

So if you feel as if your content marketing strategy is cluttered with no JOY to be found… try digging into who you are and how you can take that and turn it into content that builds stronger connections with your audience.

I’m here to EMPOWER YOU to use your own voice, experiences, and story to connect with your target audience.

That’s what STEP ONE in my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method and my Content Connection Playbook Course that I offer is all about! (high-value content that people give a dang about!).

Right now you can go to kristinkorn.com/minicourse to get your hands on my entire Content Connection Playbook course for only $27.

But only if you want to build a profitable brand you are proud of and feel JOYFUL about every day.

Make your business more profitable, faster! Just $27!

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how to get more clients
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