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This week I cussed and 8 people unsubscribed within one hour of pressing SEND on my weekly email.

If you are on my weekly email list you may remember my “get your shit together in 2020” campaign I sent this week to your inbox and also shared on my Instagram feed and stories.

It listed the five steps I recommended for your brand and business in order to get your “shit together in 2020”. 

Well, when I sent out the campaign eight people unsubscribed from my email list within one hour.

The real reason people unsubscribe from your emails.
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Why they unsubscribed

Every week a few will unsubscribe and that’s totally normal because they are not my ICA – ideal client avatar. My words and stories simply do not speak to them… and how do I know that?

That is because I got the idea for that “get your shit together in 2020” campaign directly from my ICA? 

I took the words right from the mouth of my niche client. Two of them to be exact.

Straight from my Ideal Client Avatars

When I ask clients their first impression of my brand… two of my current clients used that same line in their response.

Kelly Shepherd responded by saying:

“When I first came in contact with Kristin her pictures and content looked so put together. She was so organized and everything was perfect and it all matched. At the time I didn’t realize how important it was. I just knew when I came in contact with her stuff I thought “Oh, this is Kristin, I can tell.” I knew this girl had her shit together and I wanted to get my shit together too.”

And Another client, Jennifer Burkhart said this:

“I fell in love with not only Kristin’s posts but also her logos right away. She had a great style that I connected with immediately that made me feel like I want to be like her. Not comparatively, but I knew I needed to get my shit together so can do these things like her.”

Why is it OK they unsubscribed

So it’s totally fine that those EIGHT people weren’t my right audience and felt the need to unsubscribe from my list.

If I live in fear of offending everybody that I come in contact with… I will NEVER be able to attract the right audience I need to serve.

So they can totally UNSUBSCRIBE and I’m not going to be mad.

They were not meant for me to serve right now.

Should I be freaking out?

But since I’m all about being transparent and honest… the old Kristin would be freaking out that someone got upset or possibly offended by my words or actions.

But the new Kristin, I know exactly who my ideal client is because I’ve done my research and know everything about them.

And I know that my ideal client cusses at times and uses the term “get my shit together.”

My ICA can honestly admit that their life, their social presence, and their business aren’t perfect but they work their butts off every day to BE BETTER.

And ya know what?  A glass of wine and a few cuss words help some days to make everything a little better.

Attracting vs Chasing

What it comes down to is attracting versus chasing.

I’m not going to chase everyone to follow me or join my email list.

But by knowing who my ideal client avatar and audience is, I do have the ability to attract them to my brand.

Do you know what other stat appeared within that SAME hour after sending that same email? SEVEN people clicked the links in my email that sent them to landing pages about my product offerings. Meaning those 7 people ARE my ideal client avatar.

If I was out here trying to catch every social follower, podcast listener, and reader I could… I would be attracting the wrong audience.

How to Pinpoint your ICA

Instead, I’ve pinpointed WHO my ideal client is and know EVERYTHING about their avatar.

I know things like…. 

  • How they spend their evenings
  • How they spend their workdays
  • What beverage they drink at night
  • What vacations they take
  • How many kids they have
  • What they dream of
  • Where they are shopping
  • What they are trying to achieve in life
  • What influencers they follow
  • What blogs they read
  • What podcasts they listen to

How to make a bigger impact

You need to know who you are serving in order to make the impact you want to see in your business…. If your net is too large, you’ll impact no one. This means, talking to too many people actually will HURT your profits. Instead, try to be a BIG fish in a little pond. The little pond is your niche audience.

I truly believe not enough people are taking advantage of niches… I think us as women have a great opportunity to do this. The riches are truly in the niches.

So as you look to discover your niche… 

First, determine, Where do people start with you? Meaning, when they come in contact with your brand and business where are they at the beginning of the journey before purchasing any product or service from you?

What are they thinking?

What are they saying?

This is a great place to start the conversation and create a lead.

You want to target your marketing efforts specifically to him/her. So when you are writing content for social posts, your emails, blog posts, or sales copy, it can be helpful to simply write as though your ideal client avatar (ICA) was sitting across the table from you. 

If you have past clients – go research demographic information like age, gender, and location in order to give your ICA a look and feel. Heck even give them a name.

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Know how your ICA speaks

In order for me to speak to my ICA and my 2020 campaign – I needed to know how they spoke.

So pay attention to the words they use on social media in their captions and especially the actual conversations you have with them over the phone. What words and phrases are they using? 

Even if you need to record your conversations with them do that!

Do whatever it takes to start paying attention to the way they talk.

It should help you understand the language and tone they use so you can use it to speak to them in your original content.

I teach a lot about how to attract your ideal client inside my Playbook Course and one of my students Daniele had this to say after determining her exact ICA:

“This whole niche is changing my brain and how much things are flowing in my head. I have so many things that I want to talk about in my posts.”

In conclusion

So not only will your content become MORE effective when you determine and speak TO your niche audience, you’ll have endless content to talk about with them.

So to wrap up this episode… The real reason people unsubscribe from your emails is that they are NOT your ideal client. So move on, smile that you aren’t wasting their time any longer, and continue to carve out your niche and find the people you are here to serve because they weren’t it.

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