I know there’s a ton of chatter, opinions, and marketing messages around getting rid of toxins that could cause sickness and cancers.

I am not a nutritional coach, dietician, or pretend I know everything about a clean home or pure health but I learn a little more every day.

I know that by choosing better, whole, non-toxic ingredients for my family we are able to live a healthier life… little by little. Not all at once.

Not only are we leaning into more plant-based, organic processed and organic produce in our meals… we are making better choices when it comes to the home as well.

I’m putting my money towards more products that come from nature which nourishes, protects, and heals the body. Join my journey of oils, skincare, teas, haircare, gut health, brain activation, and cleaning products.

Sharing my favorite health and wellness products that I use and love. Including oils, skincare, teas, haircare, gut health, brain activation, and cleaning products.


You’ll hear me talk about ways to boost my self-confidence… and having a sunkissed glow is one of them. I’ve used sunless tanners weekly for almost ten years. This Isle of Paradise serum has become my FAV!

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I use the Medium – golden glow one and one bottle can last me a few months!

I apply a full dropper to a handful of lotion, then apply generously over my entire body.

YES! I use this on my face also – I apply using a small amount within a face moisturizer. (not body lotion)

For $29 a bottle this sunless tanner is a MUST!

I love that this sunless tanner allows you to very easily control your glow level. How much serum applied to your lotion determines how deep of a tan you will have in a few hours.


This product is cruelty-free, 100 percent vegan, organic, and made using certified organic ingredients, actives at low pH levels, non-sensitizing ingredients, hypoallergenic ingredients, and pure oils. It does not contain mineral oils, petrolatum, gluten, GMO, or toxins.

Body care

When it comes to Body Cleansing and Lotions there one brand that I’ve come to love for its story and its clean and (beyond organic!) products and that’s MIG Living.

I even became an ambassador for the company after meeting their founder, Jamie Cross, and hearing about her journey and a true passion for changing the beauty industry.

Using what nature has available for us and bringing good products to more people.

Before hopping in the shower I use a dry brush all over my body!

Actual directions include: brushing upward from your feet towards your heart. Brush clockwise on your abdomen and towards your heart from your fingertips. Strokes should be firm yet gentle, causing no damage to the skin. Feel the difference as your lymphatic system releases toxins, smoothes your skin, and rejuvenates your body.

For a body cleanser I use their pump cleanser in Lavendar and their body bar also in lavender. (my kids love this line too!)


I ditched using a daily body lotion when I started using MIG. I now use their Body Lotion Bar while still in the shower. It’s definitely a new concept for the way you “moisturize your skin’ but applying this serum stick when the skin is still damp locks in the beeswax.


Others available: Bloom with hyssop & calendula, Blood Orange + Grapefruit

It’s your moment for pure, nourishing immersion. Handcrafted with farm fresh beeswax & wildcrafted herbs. Soft skin for days. Just look at you now. You had me at days.

Mama + Baby Safe | Loved By Pregnant Bellies

1. Replenishes moisture to prevent dry, flaky scales that causes irritated skin 

2. Restores elasticity for anti aging benefits

3. Provides a barrier against the elements

4. Softens skin for that highly sought after glow

5. Soothes broken skin and extreme dryness  


My target favorites for Body Cleansers

Another body cleanser we use in our family is the Dr. Bronner’s line. You can pick up their liquid and bar soap at Target HERE.

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I’ve found this line to be the best drug store brand for a very reasonable price. You can pick up the bar for under $3 and the 32oz liquid for under $16! SHOP HERE!

Not only does my sensitive skin love this line – so far I’ve only tried the Lavendar – but the Think Dirty Mobile App rates this brand at 0! Which is the lowest score for having a potential negative health impact based on ingredients.

Other scents you may like to try from the Dr. Bronner’s line include: Unscented (great for babies!), Citrus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rose, Eucalyptus, and Almond.

SHOP Dr. Bronner’s AT TARGET!


Having acne-prone skin there are several products I just can’t put on my face, so after many trials, I’ve developed the PERFECT makeup routine for me.

Many of my everyday products come from my entrepreneur friend Loren and her Loren Cosmetics line. Use my exclusive coupon Kristin20 to save 20% off all your orders! SHOP HER LINE HERE!

I’ll list all of my favs here in hopes you too may come to find your favorites!

Makeup and cosmetics for acne-prone skin by Kristin Korn
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My Toxic-Free Skincare Ritual

There’s no denying my skin is looking and feeling it’s best by removing toxics and chemicals from my skin. It was a journey that took me over a year to transition into.

If your skin is used to premium skincare with chemicals I suggest slowly swapping for natural – seed to soul – products.


  • Face Cleanser: RITUAL CLEANSING BAR – LAVENDER & COLLOIDAL OAT I use this on my face while in the shower. For removing make-up at night I use a makeup remover cloth like this.
  • Soothing + Refreshing Toner: ROSE WATER KOMBUCHA FACIAL TONER – misting onto a 100% cotton pad, moving the pad across the forehead, chin, upward motion on the cheeks, neck, and décolleté. Complete this step by misting directly over the face with two shots. Toning removes residue, hydrates, and prepares the skin to receive maximum nutrients. By toning every day, your skin will be firmer, brighter, glowing, at rest, and ready for the next nutrient-rich step.
  • Treat Skin: BLACKBERRY LEAF SERUM – Apply one or two shots of Blackberry leaf serum all over décolleté and your freshly clean face. Do not apply to your face if it hasn’t been warmed and wet by cleansing and toning, as it is best absorbed and received by the skin on freshly wet skin. The Blackberry leaf serum is designed to target fine lines, wrinkles, breakout-prone, and lackluster skin. The herbs and botanical oils will work in tandem to support collagen production, cell renewal, and vibrancy. 
  • Nourish Hydrate: FACIAL LOTION BAR – Apply a small amount of the Face Lotion Bar to face and décolleté. You can either scroll the lotion bar up and swipe some off the top and massage onto face with fingers, or you can apply the bar directly to your skin. This, too, is a product you want to apply to skin after it has been wet, and freshly cleansed. The Face Lotion Bar contains a completely unique blend of essential oils and raw beeswax that locks in moisture and supports the skin’s natural healing and hydration process. 

Other parts of my Anti-Aging Skincare Ritual includes applying a Dead Sea Mud Mask 2-3x for accelerating the skin’s exfoliation process, minimizing pores, wrinkles, and lines. I also use daily a Premium Collagen Beauty Elixer – with real age-defying results!


Since I share awe-inspiring resources and must-have products for people like you who want to create a healthier, cleaner lifestyle, naturally, my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn margarita-money which I promise to drink responsibly after creating more helpful content like this. All kidding aside, it’s my responsibility to let you know that an income (however small or large it may be) is made from recommending products I love, use and share with other awesome people like yourself. With your support, I’m able to commit time to this page and to each of you on your journey of becoming!

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