How to keep a Positive Mindset despite your Failures

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What do you NOT want others to know about you today? This question cuts right to the heart of our insecurities doesn’t it? How can we keep a positive mindset when inside our past we are full of failures?

Ways to keep a strong personal mindset despite your failures.

Social media can be a big lie and showcase the highlight reels…. And we get butterflies in our stomach at the thought of being vulnerable.

But, we must be reminded that problems, flaws, and challenges are a part of everyone’s life.  Don’t be ashamed of yours… I have plenty of past failures and insecurities.  But I am still here today.

No Time Wasted.

But I’m not going to waste precious time worrying about being judged or rejected or let any of my past define me and my future and the opportunities awaiting me. I’ve worked very very hard on my growing my positive mindset and I honestly contribute my success to it. Having a positive mind.

As an entrepreneur over the last several years I’ve talked with hundreds of women… and it makes me the saddest – when I see people put up a wall at times.  They have a fear of everything it seems like. They don’t come out and say it – but I can read between the lines…. which is mainly a fear of failure followed by a lack in self confidence. So they build this wall of comfort… and they stay inside their comfort zone and they just stay there … pretty much a self inflicted prison sentence. They fear making wrong decisions so they make no decision at all. Or they fear failing in some new area of their life so they don’t even try…. 

Life is too short.

But man you guys life is too short for that. They are too many beautiful places to go – hundreds if not thousands of people you can help….  and lives that can be changed BY YOUR STORY. Sharing your personal struggles…. Right now that might seem hard to understand. 

I love being that lifeline for people…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it…. It gets me up in the morning and fired up for Monday mornings – thinking

 “Who else can I help who’s struggling today?” 

And all I have to do is share my personal journey.

Share Your Journey.

People just need to know that others like them can get out of that funk, break down that wall they’ve built and see the light and experience new success….  And it starts with YOU doing it. So you can share your journey.

That’s why I believe 100% in transparency on my team. No one (and I say no one) builds a successful business by being perfect. Right now I have four striving businesses I own and I run…. And I’ve messed up in many areas in the past…. But I kept going and never let negative self talk (or the thought of giving up or failing) to control my future. I just kept going – step by step.  I am worth more than that. You are worth more than that. 

Your Mindset.

The only thing that matters is how we see ourselves. So If you dream of bigger things… places to go… or happier times… then change your mindset TODAY. That’s where is everything starts. If you change it today, I promise you your future will be much brighter when you do so.

One great idea is to use sticky notes. Anyone can pick these up at a local store. Place sticky notes around your house of where you spend your time, in your car, is a great way to stay in a POSITIVE MINDSET. There are plenty of daily affirmations and mantras you can find on the web to fill 365 days of sticky notes.

You’ve heard the quote …

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 

 I believe 100% in that quote. So don’t let doubt kill your dreams. You are better than that – there is so much more possibility out there for you. 

And I just want everyone to take that step. Lock arms with those who will lift you up – say good bye to those who don’t.

So just my little pointer today – Keep a Positive Mindset despite your Failures. Don’t let a negative mindset control your future guys. Everyone has more to give, more people to help but it all starts with yourself.

If you need helping finding your passions and your purpose… read this blog post I wrote about my “purpose” journey!

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Have a great day guys!

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