A year ago LAST JULY I was celebrating THREE LETTERS… seriously… who celebrates 3 silly letters? And NO it wasn’t a PhD… it was RFx …. And no, that’s not a prescription abbreviation. Let me tell ya the secrets behind my RFx title.

Secrets behind the RFx title.
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What’s RFx?

It’s actually the highest title one can hold in our company. It’s a title that requires you to have 55 people reaching promotion at the same time… not just ANY consultant in your organization… but 55 S.P.E.C.I.F.I.C. people… yeeeeah…. #noteasy

Let’s just say by the time midnight rolled around that night… I knew just about everyone’s sales numbers inside and out and couldn’t get my computer to refresh quick enough to see who hit promotion yet and who hadn’t. Praying that everyone was putting the orders in they said they would be.

Missing this title goal wasn’t an option at this point and every dollar mattered!

So how did reaching those three letters feel afterwards? The Secrets behind the RFx title?

Well for one… that title goal it was and STILL is a huge damn accomplishment. One that only a few hundred have ever achieved. One I am pretty proud of to be honest. 

Having that many specific people on board to make a team goal happen is still hard to wrap my head around.

But titles like that don’t JUST happen. It took years in the making to build trust and respect from my team during the SIXTY months that came before that time.

The Perks and more Secrets behind the RFx title.

Now don’t get me wrong… the perks for “RFx” at our annual convention are NICE (SEE PICS)… walking the stage in front of 10k+ peers live and another 150k+ watching virtual … being dazzled with diamonds from Tiffany, champagne toasts with the Doctors themselves, front row seats … all pinch me moments.

But as far as anything else changing?

I gotta say no. No, it didn’t. A part of me felt super uncomfortable.

  • 1 : that I really didn’t belong amongst this elite group of leaders
  • 2 : because I didn’t get to bring my team along with me

I do feel however that the new title gave me a springboard of confidence to become more. Become a more focused leader, a stronger speaker, and a better educator. 


It’s honestly taken me an entire year to even detox from that RFx run. Exhausted is not a great place to be in any business…. But with a ton of personal development and personal growth I know God placed that goal inches from achieving because He knew I could do it.

Team2k: The biggest Secret behind the RFx title.

I love that our team and the top leaders on #Team2K are still full steam ahead. Not because we are running for any one specific team title goal, but because we each KNOW we can do more. We all deserve more. We can have and be more.

Magic happens everyday in this business… I’m thankful for the experiences and lessons from them all! My advice to you is to keep making EVERYDAY count. They all add up in the end. And ONLY surround yourself with others who maintain the gritty, unstoppable and strong mindset as you have! It will make all the difference in the world when times get tough… and they will get tough.

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