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Ep 56: The 5 Excuses Stalling Your Business Growth Today

by Kristin Korn

With the mind’s unlimited potential, you can generate anything you desire by letting it do what God created it to do.
But it’s also an excuse-making engine when we program it with a negative belief system.
When you do this, your mind will continually try to convince you not to take action and make positive changes you know are good for you.
Inside this episode, I share the 5 excuses you need to pay attention to that may be sabotaging your growth and how to reprogram your mind to allow more positive changes.


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I’m Kristin Korn and I help women build brand-focused strategic online marketing plans.

I help women who want a strategic online marketing plan go from feeling stuck and stagnant to having a confident, brand-focused business.

I believe the key to establishing a lasting business is to use your personal experiences to connect with others.

Within my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, I offer women a course roadmap to discover, monetize, promote, and expand their influence.

Would you prefer 1:1 guidance to bring your business idea to life and scale?

CORE Brand Marketing Group connects women with the consulting, creative, and coaching help they need. 

Using our CORE Simplistic Sales System, we not only bring your brand to life with gorgeous assets but generate consistent, qualified leads for your business.

Most weekdays, you'll find me in (intentional) creative-mode working from my home office… but evenings are reserved for playing with my kiddos and sipping margaritas with friends. As a coach's wife, most weekends are spent cheering on my husband's basketball team, or attending our kids' sporting events here in Cape Girardeau, Missouri... or traveling to warmer weather!

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