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Ep 9: How to Confront the ‘Comparison Trap’ With a Gratitude State of Mind

How to Confront the 'Comparison Trap' With a Gratitude State of Mind

by Kristin Korn

Gratitude seems to be more top of mind at the end of the year and rather than doing the basic … I’m grateful for (fill in the blank), today I’m going to dig into why we have such a hard time with being grateful.
Because let’s face it… the reason we can’t be grateful for what we have is that we are constantly comparing it to what someone else has.
So why is this? Why can’t we just be grateful for the blessings in front of us right now? Instead of going that step further with the comparison.


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6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable

Ep 3: 6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable

Today I’m laying all my beliefs out there when it comes to why Personal Branding is a Non-Negotiable when it comes to building a business, advancing your career or becoming an influencer.

What it comes down to is if you don’t have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life.

Ep 2: Where to Turn When Your Life is Influenced Too Much by Others

What I’ve seen happen especially in my own life is that without a core purpose you become influenced by others. And your indecisiveness allows your journey to be controlled by other people.

When I look back on my life especially throughout high school and college there are so many times when I allowed others to dictate who I was.

Ep 1: What To Do When Your Brand Feels Stuck

It’s been incredibly moving to watch women get excited to see their business look legit and know how to speak to their audience a little more confidently.

For the last three years, I’ve helped hundreds of women who own a business be able to stand out a little more on social media using the branding strategies I teach and the logos and visual identity I designed for them.

HoW to Find your passion and your purpose.

How To Find Your Passion (& Purpose)

When you put your whole heart and soul into life you live more passionately.

Ways to keep a strong personal mindset despite your failures.

How to keep a Positive Mindset despite your Failures

What do you NOT want others to know about you today? This question cuts right to the heart of our insecurities doesn’t it? How can we keep a positive mindset when inside our past we are full of failures? Social media can be a big lie and showcase the highlight reels…. And we get butterflies […]

The Never Before Told Secret About My RFx Title

A year ago LAST JULY I was celebrating THREE LETTERS… seriously… who celebrates 3 silly letters? And NO it wasn’t a PhD… it was RFx …. And no, that’s not a prescription abbreviation. Let me tell ya the secrets behind my RFx title. What’s RFx? It’s actually the highest title one can hold in our company. […]

TAKE ACTION ON YOUR OWN GOALS and stop listening to that negative voice in your head.

What Voice in Your Head are You Listening To?

Today I want to talk about WHO is controlling your decisions… the voice in your head. Do you find that It’s important that all your family and friends approve of your goals and choices? The college you attend? Your career? Heck maybe even the car you buy or the neighborhood you choose to live in?  Rather […]

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I’m Kristin Korn and I help women discover their brand influence to monetize their brand.

I help females who want a strategic online marketing plan go from feeling stuck and stagnant to having a confident, brand-focused business. I believe the key to establishing a lasting business is being able to use your personal experiences to connect with others. Using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, I offer women a roadmap to discover the fortune (influence!) that lies within their brand and leverage it to make their business more profitable faster.

Most weekdays, you'll find me in (intentional) creative-mode working from my home office… but evenings are reserved for playing with my kiddos and sipping margaritas with friends. As a coach's wife, most weekends are spent cheering on my husband's basketball team, attending sporting events here in Cape Girardeau, Missouri... or traveling to warmer weather!

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