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There’s no other subject that I’d rather talk about with you than how to know when it’s time to GO FOR IT and step into a purpose-driven business. When it comes to starting a purpose-driven business, it’s not as easy as choosing a skill or interest, doing that thing to make money, and living happily ever after. But inside this article, I’m sharing the 5 beginning signs to look for to know that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business.

What not to do when turning a passion into a business

And when I say start a business, I don’t mean you need to quit or set aside what you are doing now as an income source. Uncovering your purpose is about listening to your internal compass and being willing to let it guide you even when you don’t know the plan ahead.


5 Signs It's Time To Turn Your Passion Into A Business
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How to find your passion to business idea

When it comes to starting a purpose-driven business, it’s not as easy as choosing a skill or interest, doing that thing to make money, and living happily ever after.

Many times inspiration doesn’t one day slap us in the face and show us our future. Instead, it’s the subtle nudges and inner voices that, over time, unfold and, as long as you are listening – help you fall into your purpose-driven business.

Why your business may fail

I’ve found many business ideas start as exciting and fun, but as soon as you further develop personally and push through boundaries, you start to see you are capable of more.

You keep evolving, which means your interests and skills may change and your capacity to do more stretches.

I have over 20 years of business-building experience under my belt, so this topic is very near and dear to my heart.

We are all multi-passionate which means we have many interests. But the critical thing to remember is that you don’t need to turn each of them into a business or blend them all together.

The business ideas you have are great! Now you need to be willing to test them.

Grab one passion or interest and go out and try the concept with a video, product, or by coaching someone. The only way to learn more about yourself is by doing.

5 signs that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business

With countless business ideas started, ended, and still stirring, I’ve found five distinct feelings that begin to take place. This awareness signals it’s time to take action and start on your path to creating a purpose-driven business.

1 – You notice change is happening around you

The first sign that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business is that you begin to notice change is happening around you.

Whether this is a life change with a career loss, friends drop out of your life, you have the urge to dive into a new skill, or you move – life is changing around you.  

The things you once knew as your regular routine are changing. Your habits and life as you know it is evolving.

What’s important to do here is to embrace the new changes and not cling to the old. I know it’s hard to see people who were once a part of your life now leave, but these movements aren’t accidental. They are pushing you to grow and unlock new opportunities and friendships.

There have been many people in my life who’ve fallen off my radar over the past ten years. Especially those I was in business with. Some departed my circle abruptly, while others slowly shifted in another direction.

In the beginning, these changes were hurtful, but today I embrace them and go with the flow as I know there’s a reason for them.

2 – You begin to feel discontent and dissatisfied

The second sign that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business is you begin to feel discontent and dissatisfied.

The things you are doing seem stale, and you are ready to mix it up. You most likely don’t know what new thing you want, but you aren’t happy deep down.

This restlessness is a significant red light to pay attention to and not suppress.

In my experience, I was feeling anxiety around my direct sales business as every year passed, and eventually, I hit a wall and knew it was time to shift gears and depart that company for good. I found it was slowing me down instead of elevating me forward.

3 – Your expectations are shifting

The third beginning sign that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business is that your expectations are shifting.

While you once were all about job security and being comfortable, you are beginning to realize those things are only illusions.

You’re unearthing new bits of confidence that affirm the tough road ahead is going to be worth it, and you’re ready to keep going forward.

4 – Your fears are on overdrive

The fourth sign that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business is that your fears are on overdrive. You may assume that fear is a sign that you shouldn’t walk into something new. But it’s likely, the opposite.

While your heart nudges with inspiration and excitement – you’ll notice your mind overloads with scare tactics.

When you can approach change by trusting your gut and intuition instead of creating negative thought patterns, you’ve just changed how you react to feelings of fear.

While you may never be fearless, you will learn that fear is a good sign. It’s a sign you are moving into new territory, and this uncertainty leads to possibility. I honestly believe that if you aren’t a little bit uncomfortable about the idea of starting a purpose-driven business, then you are not pushing your boundaries enough.

5 – You feel the urge to take action

The last and fifth sign that you’re ready to start a purpose-driven business is you feel the urge to take action. You can’t seem to kick the feeling that it’s time to start.

Your excitement is too strong to allow your doubts to keep you stuck any longer.

Those nights when you can’t fall asleep because your mind is racing with ideas are a sign it’s time to act and move forward. You know that change starts with you, and you are ready for whatever comes next.

This example is when my creative brain is going a mile a minute, and everything starts falling into place once I take one small step forward. Dreaming and scheming up a business strategy becomes so fun and doesn’t feel like work.

That is the unstoppable chain of reaction that happens when you allow yourself to step into fear and shift expectations.

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Here’s why it’s not going to be hard to get started

But let me be clear, just because you sense you are on the right path, none of it will be easy. You’ll still feel scared and have self-doubt. But those fears quickly compress when you start to follow your excitement, listen to your heart, and anchor yourself in the present moment.

Explore what makes you curious, and you’ll find that even though your path to building a business won’t be easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

And that is because I’ve done all the hard for you. 

So let me touch on my story in the hopes it inspires you to take my hand and move forward with your purpose-driven business strategy.

Here’s what I know about you

You are reading to the end of this article which means …

You have a deep-down desire to fulfill your potential, grow personally, and take action to follow your passion, but you don’t know how to start sorting through a business plan; therefore, you need a roadmap to walk you through how to serve others while creating a purpose-driven income online.

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Recap: purpose-driven business

Don’t allow these mentioned signs to go unnoticed, and you end up limiting your aspirations.

“You don’t have to try and figure life out; you just have to stay in your lane and head in the direction you feel drawn to adventure toward.” – Kristin Korn

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