Are you a creator, coach or creative entrepreneur drowning in the DIY marketing rabbit hole? In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, where every creator, coach, and creative entrepreneur is striving to carve out their unique space, the concept of when to hire a business coach has surged from being a mere buzzword to a pivotal strategy for success. But amidst this wave of enthusiasm, a crucial question lingers: What exactly does a business coach do, and more importantly, is it the missing piece in your business puzzle?

This post explores the unmistakable signs that it’s time to seek the expertise of a business coach to elevate your brand and streamline your success.

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New business? Established? Here’s when to Hire a business coach

Ever come across the term “business coach” buzzing online or even heard a business buddy rave about hiring one?

But what exactly does one do, and is it something your business needs?

Now, that’s a broad question that could be answered in many different ways, but as a trained business coach and owner of a marketing boutique, I have a lot of knowledge in this area and how I’m hired to help creators, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs, so here’s my perspective.

But let’s clear the air—while the internet is teeming with individuals claiming the title of business coach, not all coaching is created equal. In this special edition article, “Do I Need to Hire a Business Coach? The Creator’s Guide to Making the Leap,” I dive deep into the realm of business coaching through the lens of someone who’s been both a mentor and a mentee.


“When is the best time for a business coach? Is it good for a new business? Established? Both?”


In my four years of officially coaching others full-time  – I’ve found that when clients come to me to hire a business coach, it’s for three different reasons:

1—They have a product or coaching idea but don’t know what to do next to create a business from it. They have little knowledge or background in marketing or even business. They just know they have an itch to own their business and lean into a skill they have.

2—They have been in business a year or so DIYing everything themselves, from their website to emails to marketing, but their business isn’t growing at the rate they want it to. They’ve spent all the DIY time on their business as they want—and are now ready to hire help.

3— They have been in business for some time now and have built a good little business. They may have hired out parts of it in years past but something has been tugging at them to do more. This could be to look into other ways to use online marketing and set up digital products – or utilize the power of a marketing and sales funnel to scale – or even rebrand and do a website rehaul with a niche focus.

So whatever stage your business is in – I’ve worked with a client like you.

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Why I Coach the Coaches: Unlocking the Secret to Business Mastery

But I must be honest here.

99.9% of business coaches you come across online are not me and don’t have the skills I do.

I have business coaches as clients, and here’s why. 😉

So a regular business coach is trained to do just that – coach you on calls and keep you accountable for things like…

  • get clear on goals
  • monitor sales performance
  • identify income gaps
  • increase confidence
  • systems and organization

These are the types of things I was trained on professionally in 2019 to become a certified business coach.

“Over 92% of small-business owners endorse hiring a business coach.” (source)

From Passion to Expertise: One-Stop Shop for Marketing, Design, and Growth

Now the added layer of skills that I have – is all the marketing and sales background when it comes to building the systems.

I’ve been starting businesses since college, so my personal experience is extensive.

I’m a creative at heart and built my current business from the love of all things branding: graphics, logos, and positioning.

This then grew into website design and the customer journey—and now another depth of automated marketing and sales funnels.

The reason clients stay working with me for years is because I can do it all. The coaching, the design, and the marketing services. They can work with one person instead of a handful where things start to get disjointed.

Learn more about my coaching offerings and services here.

Transforming Coaching: From Horror Stories to Success Tales with a Tailored Touch

I’ve heard some absolute horror stories from my clients who used other business coaches before me. Most of the complaints included a lack of personalized attention, cookie-cutter strategies, and no tangible results.

But with me, it’s a different story.

I understand that every business is unique and requires a tailored approach to succeed.

That’s why my coaching packages are customized to fit the specific needs of each client.

While I follow my Profit Pipeline™ – the assets used at each stage will be different from client to client.

marketing and sales funnel
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

My experience in branding and marketing has given me a keen understanding of consumer behavior and how to reach and engage target audiences effectively.

This knowledge and expertise allow me to create impactful designs, engaging copy, and effective marketing strategies for my clients.

How Saying No to $17 Turned into Thousands: A Coaching Success Story

I’m also not a cheerleader who is going to agree with every decision you make.

I’m super confident in my ideas and methods – so if you have an idea I disagree with, I’ll tell you! 

And my clients love that about me.

Just a couple of months ago, one of my clients wanted to start a B2B membership for others in her niche industry. 

She wanted to offer it at $17/month.

Now, have you – she’s a seasoned pro and has been at this for 15 years, so her experience is massive.

I told her she’d have to fire me before we ever opened a membership for $17.

She was worth way more than that.

So instead…

She opened (not a membership) but a coaching group in January for a $37/month one time rate. She sold out, and 50 people signed up. $1,850 monthly revenue.

We reopened her coaching group in March at $47/month and added 27 more spots. Added monthly revenue $1,269.

It’s about the impact and value you give people. An experienced coach can tell you why and why not things will work.

If I had nodded my head and she had followed her pricing strategy, she would be missing out on over $1,800 a month in revenue. 

Let’s just say – she’s more than happy to listen to my advice! 😉

Mastering Integration: How I Fuse Branding, Design, and Marketing into a Single, Powerful System

But what truly sets me apart is my ability to seamlessly integrate all aspects of a successful business – from branding to website design to marketing – into one cohesive system.

This saves my clients time, money, and hassle as they don’t have to juggle multiple services.

So there’s my long answer to the broad question – when to hire a business coach, but I feel it all needed to be said! 💕 #hireabusinesscoach

Transform Your Vision: How a Business Coach Can Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey

As someone who has navigated the intricate dance of building businesses from scratch and now thrives on empowering others to do the same, I’ve witnessed firsthand how transformative the right guidance can be when you hire a business coach.

Whether you’re at the cusp of turning an idea into reality, feeling overwhelmed by the DIY approach, or ready to take your “good little business” to soaring heights, there’s a place for a business coach in your journey.

Hear from someone who understands you…

Join me on this journey of entrepreneurship, where I share practical, insightful, and valuable content to help you take action and move your business forward. Together, we’ll explore ways to achieve success while nurturing a more fulfilling work-life balance. Let’s embrace the challenges, grow resilient, and prioritize self-care for a well-rounded and meaningful life.

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