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​​With almost 4B people worldwide using social media, you can understand why brand awareness is a top priority for marketers. Whether you use social media to increase sales, drive awareness, or generate new leads… there are 5 things you can start doing today in your business to improve your social media branding to reach your goals!

What is social branding and why is it important?

With almost 4B people worldwide using social media, you can understand why brand awareness is a top priority for marketers.

Branding is not only about your logo but also how people perceive your brand. Your marketing message and visuals on social media must align with how you want people to feel about your brand. Branding is your strategy to state and communicate your values, positioning, and existence.

And your brand is what will stick in a consumer’s mind well after a marketing message has passed.

Examples of Branding Goals

Of course, it’s human nature to want people to like you, but likes don’t equal sales. You must be clear on your branding goals, especially when it comes to branding on social media.

So examples of brand goals for social media include:

  • Driving awareness of your product or service
  • Generating business through new leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Providing a higher standard of customer service

How to make branding work for your business

Branding won’t work for you like every part of your business if you don’t define your core foundation. Your audience should know your brand name, what your brand is about, who you help, and what makes you different.

If you don’t know those answers go back through the Personal Branding Playbook Course to refresh your brand strategy.

Canva states, “Social media can be a great tool to increase your online presence, but as more brands jump on the bandwagon, marketing clutter can make it hard to compete. Be sure to not only use social media as a branding tool but to effectively stand out and keep customers engaged and interested.”

5 ways to improve your social media branding:

1 – Design a brand identity that represents your brand beliefs.

2 – Follow a brand writing style that reflects your true personality.

3 – Be transparent in your storytelling.

4 – Post relative visual content consistently.

5 – Don’t get caught up in your follower count.


 5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Branding
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1. Design a brand identity that represents your brand beliefs

Your logo is the anchor of your brand and should become familiar with anyone who comes in contact with your content. Choose colors that give your brand personality and make an impact. Using a consistent logo, brand elements, and color scheme across your social media channels will create an emotional connection with your audience. 

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2. Follow a brand writing style that reflects your true personality

Not only should you talk like a human being in your content and captions to make your brand more relatable, but it will make it more successful. Ditch any boring corporate jargon and go for a conversational approach. This two-way conversation is vital to building trust with your audience.

3.  Be transparent in your storytelling

By showing up as your authentic, mistake-filled self, you will connect with more people. People can relate to real-life experiences over fluffed promises. Storytelling is central to human existence, and it’s how to build connections and understand one another on a deeper level. That’s why as a personal brand, you must use a story to trigger an emotional response from your social media audience. By sharing stories, you give your readers a sense of who you are, where you came from, and what happened in your life to make you come up with the method or solution you have now.

4. Post relative visual content consistently

If you aren’t posting, you aren’t visible on social media. So not only should you post visual images, videos, and captions frequently, but your content needs to be valuable to your ideal audience.

Luckily, you don’t need to be on every social channel. If you can focus on one or two channels to leverage that makes the most sense for your niche and do them right, you won’t get overwhelmed or spread yourself too thin. I personally focus on Pinterest and Instagram for my social media branding.

5. Don’t get caught up in your follower count

No matter what marketers tell you, you don’t need 10k followers to be successful. Remember, 10 followers who buy your product is better than 1,000 who don’t. The number of likes and followers doesn’t directly correlate to any measurable value such as sales or the success of a social media page.

Instead, focus on building a quality fan base, even if that means your follower count goes backward. You’d rather have a smaller follower count who engages with your brand than thousands who are unconnected and stagnant.

 5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Branding
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  • Facebook
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Determining your ROI – Return on Investment for Social Media

While it’s difficult to calculate a return on investment for social media branding and marketing, it’s possible to get a read on how interactive your audience is. Focus on your engagement rate instead of your follower count to see how interested people are in your brand content. 

Total engagements typically represent a sum of likes, comments, shares, saves and sometimes include clicks, depending on which platform you’re using. Take that sum and divide by your total follower count at posting to get your engagement rate by post.

For comparison, in 2021, with fewer than 10,000 followers, the average engagement rate per number of followers of Instagram business accounts was 1.18%, with 10k-100k followers was 0.94%, and more than 100k followers was 0.74%.

how to determine your instagram engagement rates
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Recap: Social Media Branding

To see an increase in the percentage of people who see your content and engage with continue to deliver valuable content your audience wants to engage with. When you get to know your audience deeper, stay authentic and relatable, and use consistent visual language, you’ll not only find success with social media branding but your engagement rates!

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