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You spend a lot of time inside your blog and website to build sales pages and offers. But what are you doing to drive more traffic to your website? Inside this article, I share six innovative ways to increase website and blog traffic so you can increase leads and conversions.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

Your website offers you a quick way to stand out. It helps you qualify and generate leads inside opt-in forms in exchange for your free downloads and lead magnets. Your website allows you to connect deeper with your audience since it can reinforce your brand and what you stand for. And lastly, it validates your business, maximizes your ROI, and is where you make sales.

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6 ways to increase website traffic

So you know how valuable your website is, so how do you increase foot traffic to it?

That is what I will share today – Key innovative ways to attract more visitors to your website and blog so you can increase leads and conversions. 

And when I refer to your website, I’m referring to your blog as well since most websites are now all in one… a home page with a built-in wordpress blog to house content.

Whether you invest in paid ads or use the organic reach, here are 6 Proven Ways To Increase Website Traffic.

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1. Include relevant keywords in your content.

I know from working with dozens of business owners that performing keyword research is not ever examined. But without strategic keywords used in your page titles, meta description, and URL, your website will not come up in top Google or Pinterest Searches.

I highly recommend investing in a keyword service such as Ubersuggest or, at the least, download the free plugin called Keywords Everywhere. You can find and use the exact search terms people are using in search engines.

2. Create memorable and consistent content on your blog.

Having a blog on your website increases your chances of ranking higher in search by a massive 434%. In addition, sites that release more than 16 posts per month receive nearly 4.5 times more traffic than those that publish four articles. 

So if you’ve ever been on the fence about starting a blog, I highly suggest going for it.

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My blog content is the #1 way I drive website traffic both organically and through paid ads. People use search engines such as Google and Pinterest to find answers to their questions, and by producing valuable and memorable content, you can quickly increase website traffic.

how to start a blog host
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3. Promote your website content through email newsletters.

When you have a growing email list of your niche audience, you have a hotbed of clients who raised their hands to learn from you. Sending new content updates to this audience via email is the perfect way to drive more traffic back to your website.

4. Keep active on your social media pages.

One of the easiest ways to keep a continual bucket of content ready for posts is to grab it from your blog! This technique is a secret content-creating hack I use and teach my course students.

This way, you can not only lift your authority, but you can also create call-to-actions in your social media posts. These requests lead the reader back to your website (off of social media) to view landing pages, sales offers, and blog articles.

5. Use Paid Ads. 

You can quickly increase your site traffic when you run paid advertising on social media and paid searches. Just watch your data and run analytics, as this approach can be costly when not managed correctly.

You know I prefer Pinterest for my marketing. And the top reason is that ​​Pinterest helps reduce the number of steps from the time a prospective client discovers my brand to when they convert into a paying client. Pinterest makes it easier for people to get straight to the source and what they are searching for.

Recap: website traffic drivers

So now you have no excuses – these six actions can immediately impact the amount of website traffic you get daily.

While many of these actions can provide instant gratification, others will take more time and patience. But my suggestion is to keep sharing content even when you think no one is reading it. The great thing about blog content is that it lives forever.

So be strategic with your writing style to not date an article or use data that would give off a bad vibe if read ten years from now.

How to get started with pinterest marketing

If Pinterest is a marketing platform you’d like to invest in, I invite you to reach out to our CORE Brand Marketing group. Clients hire us to achieve consistent pinning activity on Pinterest. In return, it frees up more of your time for writing fresh content on your blog. With our 3-month contracts starting at just $260 a month, you can increase your impressions and outbound website clicks and traffic. Learn more about our plans at

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