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Are you feeling stuck when it comes to brainstorming ideas for your blog? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! It can be tough coming up with new and engaging content ideas, especially if you feel like you’ve already covered everything there is to say on your chosen topic. But don’t despair! You can use a few simple tricks to get those creative juices flowing again. In this blog article, I share some of my favorite tips for brainstorming blog post ideas when you feel stuck. So if you’re ready to jump-start your content creation, read on!

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Why does my business need a blog?

As I shared in Branding Bites Podcast Episode 131 – a business blog can help you reach your target market and convert readers into customers. As mentioned, the five benefits of blogging for business were:

1. Boost your SEO efforts with fresh, new content. 

2. Capture high-quality automated Leads.

3. Gives you a voice to connect with customers on a deeper level.

4. Increase website traffic to get more eyes on your offers.

5. Stand out from the competition by providing valuable content.

How often to post new content

There’s no magic number regarding how often you should post new content on your blog. However, a good rule of thumb is to aim for at least 1-2 times per week. This gives Google fresh content to index, so you continue ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Refer to Branding Bites Podcast Episode 133 – The Beginner’s Guide to SEO Copywriting – where I share Tips for creating high-quality content that will rank well in search engines. 

What are the types of blog articles?

When it comes to types of blog articles for content ideas – There are several different blog post styles, but some of the most popular include:

  • How to posts
  • List posts, aka listicle
  • Case studies
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
5 Engaging Types of Blog Articles
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Here is A complete list of 16 blog content types:

1) How-to Guides

2) Checklists

3) Tips and Tricks

4) Case Studies

5) Industry News

6) Expert Opinions

7) User-Generated Content

8) Q&As

9) behind the scenes 

10) company overviews/origin story

11) product or service reviews 

12) upcoming product or service 

13) directory

14) list of resources

15) repurposed content

16) guest blog post series

How can I make sure my blog content is engaging?

Your content should be engaging because you want people to read and think about it. People will likely move on to something else if your content is boring or difficult to read.

To make sure your content is engaging, try to include these ten items in your blog article:

  1. Write catchy headlines and titles that make people want to click
  2. Use images, infographics, and videos to break up your text
  3. Use short paragraphs and sentences
  4. Answer their top questions about your topic throughout your article
  5. Use an active voice
  6. Address common pain points of your audience
  7. Interesting facts or stories
  8. Relatable examples
  9. Bulleted or numbered lists
  10. A call to action

While no one answer to content engagement fits all blogs, following these tips can help ensure your content is engaging and encourage people to keep reading.

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5 Ways to Brainstorm Blog Post Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Here are a few tips to help you brainstorm new ideas for blog posts that will keep your audience engaged:

1. Keep a running list of ideas

Suppose you think of something that could make a good blog post, jot it down. This idea could be a specific topic you want to write about, an angle you could take on a familiar topic, or even a keyword or phrase you want to rank for. Keeping a running list of content ideas will help ensure you never run out of things to write about.

Inside The Content Strategy Template, I create for my clients, I always plan out keyword and article ideas ahead of time. I also like keeping a NOTES list of various blog articles I’ve come across that can spark creativity whenever I need it.

2. Look at your analytics

Your website’s analytics can be a great source of inspiration for new blog post ideas. Look at what content is already performing well and consider writing something similar. You can also use analytics to see which topics your audience is most interested in and write about those.

This insight is essential to have Google Analytics, software such as Pirsch, and Pinterest tags connected to your website. 

When you run data analysis at the end of every month, you can sense the content getting the most website visits and impressions. This indicates a popular topic within your niche and a green light for creating more of it!

3. Check out what’s popular in your industry.

See what topics are trending in your industry and write about those. You can use Google Trends or Pinterest Trends to see what people are talking about. Chances are if something is popular in your industry, your audience will be interested in it too.

Inside The Social Note App, we run this Pinterest data for you. So every month, you have a list of keywords spiking upward in your industry. This data means it is prime time to jump on them so your content can be shown front and center to those already searching for it.

I believe all great content begins with a keyword.

4. Ask your audience.

Your audience is an excellent source of inspiration, so don’t be afraid to ask them for ideas. This could be through a survey, social media poll, or even in the comments on your blog.

5. Take a break.

Sometimes the best ideas come when you’re not even thinking about them. If you’ve been brainstorming for a while and still can’t seem to come up with anything, it might be time to take a break. Step away from your computer and do something else for a while.

Recap: Blog Content Ideas

Whatever you decide to write about, keep your audience in mind. Write content that will appeal to their interests and needs, and ensure your content is engaging and well-written. Develop ideas for blog posts that will keep your readers coming back for more.

A simple way to get access to content engagement ideas

At CORE Brand Marketing Group, we run marketing for dozens of brands, so coming up with engaging blog content month after month is right up our wheelhouse. We rely on what we coined as The Content Keyword Map – How to write content your ideal client is already searching for.

This method helps you use keywords relevant to your business, then provides a week’s worth of strategic content ideas based on that keyword so you can start seeing results quickly.

When you use The Content Keyword Map, you stop writing content for the sake of writing content and start writing content that ranks, sells, and helps build your small business.

Let me explain.

The Content Keyword Map puts you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to start with a strategic keyword that your ideal client is already searching for.

Once you have your keyword, you can write a week’s worth of content around it – from blog articles to social media posts to emails and videos.

I’m giving you a chance to DOWNLOAD The Content Keyword Map PDF for free when you go to

Stop wasting time writing content that nobody will ever see and never feel STUCK again when you use The Content Keyword Map. Starting today, you can write content that actually ranks, sells, and helps build your small business.

DOWNLOAD The Content Keyword Map PDF for free when you go to

Closing: Blog Content Ideas

Above all, brainstorming new ideas for blog posts doesn’t have to be complicated.

By keeping a running list of ideas, looking at your analytics, and checking out what’s popular in your industry, you should be able to come up with plenty of content that your audience will love. And if you’re still stuck, don’t forget to ask your audience for help or join us inside The Social Note App, where you get access to top industry keywords plus monthly content briefs chock-full of keyword-rich content ideas and pre-written content right to your phone!

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How to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas When You Feel Stuck

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