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“I’m thinking of hiring you for a clarity call to help grow my business online … but how can you help if you’ve never had a business in my industry?”


A good coach is gonna ask the right questions. That, in turn, will give us the answers we’re looking for. You just don’t know the right questions to be answering. 

You, as the business owner, are the only one who knows the inside out of your business. You just don’t know what to look for that’s gonna differentiate you from someone else selling the same product or service as a business coach can.

And that’s ok.

A business owner’s biggest flaw is being so inside our own box that we can’t see outside of it.

I’ve had 70+ clarity calls and talked to over 250 different business owners in various industries. This vast experience means that what you’re doing relates to something someone else has done that I’ve worked with.

Clarity is all about market positioning and detailing WHO really is your direct competition and then understanding how to stand out against them as DIFFERENT (not better).

Knowing these two things allows you to put a stake in the ground to market your business against anyone else who offers a similar product/service as you.

The by-product of knowing this will boost your confidence tenfold because you know what you stand for and how you do it differently.

That is what a clarity call with a good business coach can offer you, no matter what industry you’re in.

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