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Frequently overlooked when working on your brand foundation is your brand voice. Your brand identity and colors can help you stand out and get noticed, but I believe it’s your voice that allows you to close more sales to scale your business. Inside this article, I share what a brand voice is, why it matters so much, and how you discover yours.

Are you overlooking your brand voice?

When it comes to defining a brand, many people often sway towards the visual aspects – their fonts, colors, and logos. But frequently overlooked when working on your brand foundation is your brand voice.

Your brand identity and colors can help you stand out and get noticed.

But I believe it’s your voice that allows you to close more sales to scale your business.

So now that you realize how important is it to your success, let’s go further into what it is, why it matters so much, and how do you discover yours.

Brand voice definition

According to Sprout Social, A brand voice is a distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications.

This means the words, phrases, and character you consistently use in your live videos, social media captions, blog content, email marketing, and campaigns all define your brand voice.

The faster you realize that content isn’t just about scroll-stopping photos and short-form videos but also includes text on graphics and words used in captions – you’ll start to pay attention to how you present yourself.

It’s how you stay on brand.

Why people unfollow brands

45% of consumers cited irrelevant content as a reason why they unfollow brands. This data means when you get off-brand with your content, you gain the possibility of losing possible customers.

However, when you stay consistent in visuals and voice and your CORE interest, your brand is recognizable and trusted.

Customers know what to expect from you and, in some cases, can recognize your content before even looking at the social media handle to see who posted it.

What to do in a crowded digital world

You and I both know the digital landscape is crowded.

Whether it’s large corporate brands or personal brands, everyone is pushing out content in hopes of being seen by their target audience.

All of this chatter is precisely why, as a personal brand, you MUST niche down your content to attract the right customers.  

Focus your marketing efforts towards a specific ideal client. This means using your brand identity to grab their attention and your brand voice to keep their attention.

Why you Need to Create a CORE Brand Board

Just how I create Brand Identity Boards for creative clients with their logo, fonts, and color palette –  I also do the same for a client’s CORE Foundation that includes their brand voice.

Having your brand words, phrases, adjectives, and origin story in one spot keeps social media posts and marketing copy organized and consistent.

It allows you to write captions faster and with less stress. And by using the same terms and stories over and over again, you stay on brand. And staying on brand means retaining and gaining more ideal clients.

How to discover your brand voice

So you now know your brand voice is the distinct personality your brand takes on in its communications. And a brand voice matters because it’s how you remain recognizable and trusted as long as your content stays on-brand.

So how do you discover your brand voice?

So as mentioned briefly, using your brand voice is made up of your brand words, adjectives, and story.


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Brand Words

Your Brand Words are the words that keep all your content on brand. Use them over and over again when writing captions or speaking on video.

These could be adjectives that describe your ideal clients or verbs that you often use to describe your solution or method.

Brand Adjectives

Your Brand Adjectives describe you as a personal brand and what you are essentially known for by your readers.

They become the guiding light when it comes to branding and communicating your business. 

Brand Origin Story

And lastly, your Brand Origin Story includes being transparent with your WHY, sharing what encouraged you to get started, your struggles, and the solutions found. 

A recognizable brand

When you repeatedly use your brand voice in these ways, you can see how your brand becomes recognizable and trusted.

Even though you can’t literally “build your brand,” you can choose what your brand is known for by your readers when you use your brand voice strategically.

David Brier said, “If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”

How powerful right?

You get to choose how others VIEW your brand by the story you tell and the words you use in your communications.

Do you need help with your brand voice?

Discovering Your Core Foundation is step one in my Business Building Roadmap because I know the importance your brand voice and other core foundations have on building a purposeful, confident, brand-focused business.

When you discover your CORE Brand Foundation inside my Personal Branding Playbook – you’ll know exactly how to find and use your brand voice to attract more people to your brand and stand out from competitors.

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My suggestion is not to overlook using a consistent brand voice in all your communications. As mentioned earlier – Your brand identity and colors can help you stand out and get noticed.

But I believe it’s your voice that allows you to close more sales to scale your business.

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