One thing is for sure is that social media sells stuff… and if there is a common request from my branding students it’s that they want to become good at personal branding and attraction marketing… and therefore comes building curiosity.

Today I’m going to share with you what I believe to be the 3 Best Ways to Build Curiosity Using Social Media For Your Business

By knowing what content to create that is sharable, relevant, and value-driven this will ensure consumers will always pay attention to your story no matter what channel they go to. Just as a reminder… 80% of content that you are delivering should be value-driven stories. This is lightweight pieces of content that benefit your audience by making them laugh, play a game, feel appreciated, escape, or having them learn something new. The other 20% of your content are the calls to action that benefit your business. 

Remember there is NO SALE without the story. And a story must be told every day.

3 Best Ways to Build Curiosity Using Social Media For Your Business

#1 . Show people HOW you work.

A simple way to do this is behind the scenes. You want to use a sense of humor and occasionally simply calling yourself out. You could use photos from events you attend or how/where you make your product. But let’s be real here… if you really don’t sit poolside sipping cocktails to work your business… let’s not fake anything. You don’t want to attract the wrong audience who thinks they can sit poolside and bring in a six figure annual income.  For me I show my office, my computer, my lighting set up, my dog and kids in my office… that’s my behind the scenes and relatable to my audience in order to build curiosity.

#2 . Share stories OF your work.

You do this by acknowledging your mistakes. You have to talk about things you screwed up. Talk about your personal growth that is relatable to your readers. And drop the idea that you need a title attached to your name in order for people to care what you are talking about. People just want relatable content – people don’t care about credentials.

So if you are saying to yourself…..

  • “I fear putting myself out there”
  • “I’m not an expert on my business”
  • “My life is boring”

This is where I step in and call BS. If you are in the trenches working to build your business, then you know your business and your audience better than anyone else. And you’ll know how to talk about it and how to talk to them. It’s time to trust your expertise! 

Most entrepreneurs build this trust in themselves and their knowledge as they build their business. Learning to trust your expertise is a practice that comes when you share it on a regular basis. It will feel scary at first but the more you share, the easier it becomes! 

Is it possible you might say the wrong thing on social media? Of course! You’re human. You might make an error or have a typo. It happens to everyone. If you own your mistakes, then you will be able to course correct and improve along the way.

#3 . Show YOUR work.

You must connect to your audience but you must also let them know what you do! Some great ways to do this could be through a quiz, testimonials, and educational content. Create content to retain customers, not just acquire them.

The No #1 thing you must remember is … You aren’t making demands with these posts or stories. You aren’t saying purchase XYZ, order XYZ, or go to my website to get XYZ.

Leo Burnett offered the following advice for making great content

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” 

So you are building curiosity… you must remember people aren’t coming to social media to be sold to. They want to be entertained and inspired. They want to make it their decision to like your content enough, trust you enough and believe in your product enough for them to go buy it themselves without YOU telling them to.

You want to be all the characteristics that we enjoy in other human beings. You want to find shared interests with your consumers and get into conversation with them about related topics. 

All of this value added content (80% of your content) should set up for the time when you are ready for your “ask” or your call to action (20%). 

All the emotional connection you’ve been making in the setup process to build curiosity… will pay off when you decide it’s time for your call to action posts. 

And even then most likely your call to action – is to get them off the social platform onto a site you control – like your email list, a free download, another value driven offer.

To recap, the 3 Ways to Build Curiosity For Your Business are:

  • Show people HOW you work
  • Share stories OF your work
  • Show YOUR work

No matter how or where you tell your story…. your personality, core story, and brand identity must remain constant. 

This goes back to module 1 inside my Branding for Beginners Blueprint Online Course where I teach you how to develop your brand vision, values, mission and purpose. 

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