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It’s been incredibly moving to watch women get excited to see their business look legit and know how to speak to their audience a little more confidently. For the last three years, I’ve helped hundreds of women who own a business be able to stand out a little more on social media using the branding strategies I teach and the logos and visual identity I designed for them. Inside this article, I share what I do see in these women and want I don’t see that’s making them feel stuck in their brand.

Here’s what is missing

But there’s been one area as of late that brings me to complete tears knowing I can help them at a deeper level.

And it’s their purpose, their passions… and their God-given favors.

It’s astounding to witness the women coming through my branding challenge not know who they even are. Yes, they own a business and want to grow it using a professional-looking brand presence, and that’s great.

What I see is they can answer all the questions about their business, the products they offer, the people they are looking to help… almost sounding like a marketing robot…  but when it comes to answering questions about themselves they freeze up.

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How I am able to help

I believe when you understand and acknowledge everything that is unique about you, the qualities you have, the beautiful gifts and favors God has sewn into you – you can positively impact masses when you use them.

But what I see happen is people choose a job, career or business based on income, location, and opportunity instead of aligning it with their core purpose.

And the longer you stay in that situation, the more you forget who you once were.

Why Branding is hard for you

I know this may sound a bit deep for Episode #1 of a Branding Podcast but the reason branding is HARD for so many is because you don’t know WHO you are… you’ve forgotten those times that you are moving with grace. You brush off the moments that there’s been an awesome response to an activity of things that you do. You don’t even know what makes you happy anymore.

And until you really understand how you are wired and the impact you’re supposed to have on those around you and you can embrace it, and honor it… you’ll continue to feel stuck.

But the moment you unlock the real you and understand where your gifting is… you’re going to know it. You’re going to feel so lit up inside. You’re going to feel the release of overwhelming.

When you know WHO you are… you then know without a doubt WHO you are here to serve.

And when that happens BRANDING simply becomes about having a virtual conversation with your niche audience about the things you are passionate about and they need help with.

Here is my promise to you

I know I’m here today because I want to impact people at a bigger level… Yes, I’m going to drop bite-sized branding strategies your way in order to grow that impact and monetize your business… but girl until you understand who you are and why you are here… nothing I teach will have the effect in your life that it needs to.

Every week I’m going to show up as the authentic, transparent, and valuable educator that you may already know me for. I can’t tell you I won’t shed a tear or two, or I won’t drop a few cuss words when I get fired up… but know my passion lies right here, right now where God has intentionally placed me to be.

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