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Alright, so there’s an old saying that goes along the lines that if you do not have a brand, you have a commodity. Inside this article, learn why competing on price is a ticket to failure and how branding can set your brand up for long-lasting success.

what are commodities?

First, let’s start off by explaining what commodities are. Commodities are interchangeable goods. And yes I was raised a farm girl so here me out on this one….

A sack of rice of a certain variety will be a sack of rice, regardless of where you buy it, when you buy it, whom you buy it from, or a set of circumstances surrounding your purchase it’s still going to be that sack of rice. 

The same applies to corn, wheat, and other agricultural products. 

These are commodities, but there is only one difference that you can compete on, that’s the difference in price.

Competing on price

Again, you probably don’t need me to remind you that competing based on price is a way ticket to failure. Buy one get one. Flash Sale. Free Gift with Purchase… you’ve seen them all and most likely done them all.

Unfortunately, if you do not put intention into your personal brand people are going to judge you based on your price.  

And a reminder YOU are your personal brand.

Instagram is no different. 

You will fail on Instagram if you don’t choose to BRAND.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

You need to choose to brand

You have to discover and promote your personal brand, otherwise whatever content you are sharing will fall between the digital cracks. 

There’s really nothing to distinguish it from the rest of the content that’s out there. 

Your brand is just going to be another digital face in the crowd.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Direct Sales Space

I see this all the time in the direct sales space. Reps will brand their company instead of themselves. When you do that potential clients no longer need them. They become just like the other hundreds of thousands of reps in a timeline scroll, and nothing is separating them from all the others or the company itself for that matter. 

So no wonder reps will lose potential clients to other reps, they aren’t unique to their potential clients. And leave the sale up to the price. 

People follow brands

Make no mistake, people follow brands. 

They’re looking for some sort of connection. 

They’re looking for some sort of persona that they feel can connect with their hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations and other worthy goals and attributes. 

In other words, people choose to become loyal to personas. 

People are not dumb. 

They know that the persona of Kim Kardashian on Instagram, social media and on TV is probably going to be very different from the real Kim K but people don’t care. 

People just what to see some sort of reality that they read into. 

That’s the cult of celebrities and influencers and this happens with personal brands all the time. 

If you do not play the game this way, especially on Instagram, you are not going to be building your community. 

Chances are, you’re going to be positioning your brand for ultimate failure.

Content only goes so far

You have to understand that content expertise can only go so far. 

Sure, it’s a great thing that you know what you’re talking about. 

It is an amazing thing that people can bank on what you are saying, but you have to deliver something more. 

You have to go the extra mile. 

This is where branding comes in. 

Don’t be generic

This is where branding comes in. 

If you don’t develop a personal branding strategy, you are generic. That’s the bottom-line. 

What’s so wrong about being generic?  …another digital face in the crowd? 

It’s this simple, “If you are just another player, you are all too forgettable.” 

Forget about:

  • making money. 
  • breaking even or registering a profit. 
  • making a lasting impression. 

That’s just not going to happen if you don’t have a brand.

In conclusion

So if you want to use Instagram to build a lasting business there are specific basic strategies you MUST know and use! And that’s where I come in to help you build a personal brand on Instagram and every other platform for that matter 🙂

But first, we need to uncover your superpower! YES!

The CORE METHOD taught inside this mini-course to uncover your superpower uses these three cores:

Core Interest – Determine your flow state moments and the passions/skills that bring you the most joy and happiness doing them.

Core Beliefs – Based on your personal experiences these are your thoughts and what you will communicate to your core niche about.

Core Niche – Identify your ideal client and the problem you want to solve for them

The core method is a way to find the superpower in your brand so you will know who you are talking to and what to talk to them about to grow your business.

I believe your superpower is the intersect of your passions, interests, and skills. And THIS is what you’ll uncover by using this core method taught inside this mini-course.


I love Instagram as much as the next entrepreneur so if you are a beginner with Instagram or want to learn how to spark engagement with the platform = you’ll learn how to uncover your superpower and use it to know who you are talking to and what to talk to them about to grow your business.

So to wrap up this episode… 

You will Fail on Instagram if you Don’t Choose To BRAND yourself. Without developing a brand around your persona you become a commodity and the only difference that you can compete on is the price.

But if you develop a brand around who you are and the unique beliefs and values that you have… your clients will want to purchase from YOU despite the price of your product or service.

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