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Podcast Show Notes

What I’ve seen happen especially in my own life is that without a core purpose you become influenced by others. And your indecisiveness allows your journey to be controlled by other people. 

When I look back on my life especially throughout high school and college there are so many times when I allowed others to dictate who I was. 

I allowed others to dictate who I was

  • What college I would attend.
  • What apartment I would live in. 
  • What guys I would date. 
  • What friends I would hang out with. 
  • What stores I shopped at.
  • What makeup I wore.
  • all of it.

If you’re anything like me you had some of these same experiences. 

I wanted to fit in and be accepted by others so I did what they did. 

This is what I understand now

Now, I understand growing up having your life’s purpose set in stone and knowing who you are is far from realistic. However, what I saw happen through these years was allow my worth to be controlled by others. 

Since I was living like everyone else around me and for everyone else, I looked for their approval in order to claim my worth. 

And that’s a horrible place to be when you need an abundance of self-confidence to get through life as not just a teen but as an adult. 

And even though I had always been a very independent individual it took me over 20 years to understand who Kristin Korn was and who I wasn’t.

When things changed

When I look back and see when things changed for me. When I got out of this situation of doing as others were at the end of college. When I took the 6-year plan and stayed longer than my high school friends was when I slowly started making my own choices. 

I was being more creative and leaning into entrepreneurship more and more. 

I can look back and see a definite change in who I was when I was around them those eight years and who I was when I wasn’t and I was an entirely different person. I was myself. 

Why I don’t live in my hometown

I know now that’s why I’ve loved not living anywhere near my hometown. 

By not doing so I don’t allow myself to be influenced by anyone. 

With my husband’s college coaching career, we’ve moved several times in the last 8 years and when we get to a new college I usually know maybe one person. 

So the women I meet for the first time and become friends with, get to know the real Kristin Korn. And that’s been really special to me. 

When I began reading books

It wasn’t until after having both of our children and was 3 years into my direct sales business that I began reading books. One of the turning points for me during that time was using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets where I was able to slowly discover who Kristin Korn really was.

You guys it was just 4 years ago that I purchased those first books and power sheets. This means I went through ten years of my adult life after college NOT reading a book about mindset, goal setting or personal development.

So no wonder I felt so lost on what I was supposed to be doing.

The first books I read

The power of self-discovery

I know the power self-discovery has had on my own life. It’s allowed me to be right here today hosting this podcast and teaching other women about branding and business. It’s what I was meant to do. 

I am here to guide motivated women on how to turn a passion or interest into a profitable brand-focused business they are proud to build and monetize using social media and attraction marketing.

The reason I tell you this story is two-fold. 

  1. I want to be very transparent with you about who I am and the struggles I’ve had in my own life and what I’ve done to overcome them.
  2. I hear from the majority of my branding students that they have a fear of what others will think of them. And you most likely have this fear as well… we all have at some point.

When I hear that it sends a trigger to me that says… Hey, maybe they’ve gone through a similar situation that I’ve been through. I’ve gotten through it all and so can they. 

You must discover this first

But first, they must discover who they are. Because I know once they do, branding and business will flow so smoothly and they will be confident in every action they take. 

They won’t give a rats ass what anyone thinks especially that high school friend they are so worried about upsetting or having different goals than. I can tell her that YES… that fear of others making fun of you or commenting about you behind your back will happen! Some people will project their own insecurities it’s very normal.

Yet, because you know who you are and what your core interest is… you are going to be impacting so many other people in such a positive way you won’t time to think about those people any longer.

Not to mention, you showing up as your best self online is going to be building your brand and business… so what do you care more about? The opinions of those who don’t matter, or the bigger goals you’re working towards?

It’s not always about you.  Your mission is bigger than you and you’re stopping the impact you can make when you listen to this fear.

I can look back now and admit that I cared too much what others thought about me instead of ever caring or giving myself the voice and authority to make my own decisions. 

Why I don’t hold a grudge

And I don’t hold a grudge towards those girls or those decisions I made. 

If you’ve watched the Tony Robbins Netflix documentary called “I’m not your Guru” you’ll hear him say a line that stuck with me.

“If you are going to give people credit for all the bad then you better give them credit for all the good.”

Tony Robbins talks about how we cannot just hold grudges against people for what they have done to us because several of those actions actually create the strength inside of us.  He said blame intelligently and intentionally because people need to see scenarios from all sides. It sheds light on how to free yourself from the chains of the past that usually hold you back from living in the present. 

If there are people in your life who you are blaming for the bad things that happened to you want you to journal what type of strength you gained from going through that.

Or in your business, if there are several factors that impact your performance, which ones are you blaming the most and why.

So because of those reasons… I’m thankful for those 8 years because it has created the confidence I have inside of me now.

My final thoughts

No one decides your future but you! No one gets to tell you who you are and who you aren’t .. only you get to determine that.

And I guarantee I’ll be here to help you work through all the crap that holding you back so you can build a business with purpose and intention and one you are damn proud of my friend!!

Mentioned in this episode

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The next round starts tomorrow!

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