How To Discover, Attract And Talk To Your Niche Audience
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Podcast Show Notes

You’ve heard you need to niche down your business in order to grow your profits but how do you exactly do that? 

What even is a niche audience?

Issuu blog writes…

“A niche audience is a subgroup of a company’s main targeted audience. This specific audience is a selective group of people who have specific wants, needs, and interests. Small but mighty, niche audiences hold great value for brands and their success. Niche audiences are so valuable because they are often more engaged, active, and responsive users. As well, due to their specific likes/dislikes this makes it very easy for marketers to target content to them, instead of worrying about a large crowd with varying interests.” – Issuu Blog

where do you start?

Makes sense right – But how do you go about to discover, attract, and talk to your niche audience?

For example, if you sell a premium skincare line you may think your niche is everyone with skin. But you’re wrong. Everyone with skin is the large pond… your niche market becomes WHO is the person who actually purchases your premium skincare. Why do they purchase it? That man or woman who purchases it becomes your niche audience. Then when you have a pool of purchasers you can determine who your ideal client is.

Hence targeting a small pond.

Your Niche Should be The focus

Your niche should be the focus of everything you do… from the products you sell, the content you produce, to the audience that listens to you.

But if you don’t know your niche – it’s imperative that you STOP everything you’re doing and pay attention to this episode.

Whether you’re a CEO, a manager, entrepreneur, or an employee, the secret to growing any business is to know your ideal client and niche market inside and out.

 Alyssa Mandel an editor for Bossbabe, Inc says…

“Here’s the truth about building a business: if you’re trying to speak to everyone, your ideal client won’t hear you. Want them to listen? You need to narrow your niche…” – Alyssa Mandel

Knowing your target market isn’t enough

It really is that simple… once I determined what my superpower was and what I loved doing which was helping women monetize their influence… it was only a matter of time.

With some intentional digging into WHICH women were purchasing my digital products that I discovered who my niche market was.

But knowing the overall target market isn’t enough… you need an ICA – ideal client avatar that you talk to in your marketing.

Once I put myself in their shoes… I could learn everything about their day to day. The way they woke up, worked, the thoughts and frustrations they had and what gave them a sense of accomplishment.

In my case and the case for most of my 1:1 consulting clients – discovering your niche simply comes down to WHO specifically needs what you are selling.

And more times than not that person is WHO YOU WERE 3, 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.

Because if you listened to Episode 35 I shared that the 1 Secret To Choosing what kind of Digital Product To Sell simply becomes… to ALWAYS sell to a niche that you’re passionate about.

So your passion and what you are selling usually comes down to helping the person who you once were.

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Are you hurting your profits by doing this?

You see, when offering a digital or tangible product you are hurting your profits by promoting it to an entire audience that may see your post or hear your content.

I say it over and over again … be a big fish in a little pond and not a little fish in a big pond and you’ll start to attract your ideal client to your brand.

If I was promoting my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method to anyone who owned a business I’d be lost in a sea of hundreds of thousands of other marketers and educators.

Instead, I’m choosing to expose my content to a niche market made up of women in their 30-50’s. They are unhappy in their current circumstances and ready to live life by helping others using their influence and knowledge.

This ideal client feels stuck on how to move forward without a simple to follow system or plan.

  • She understands that life is too short to be stuck somewhere she feels she has grown out of and is ready to focus on monetizing her own brand.
  • She finally understands that her layers of experience were no accident and she was put on this earth to empower others with her influence.
  • She simply needs the right mentor like me, who understands what needs to happen behind the scenes for her voice to be heard.

What content to produce

When I choose what kind of content to produce there are only two places I look.

And that’s inside to my own beliefs and those of my niche audience.

If I’m going to attract and create a deeper connection with my niche audience I first must produce content that they hear.

What I’m NOT doing is reaching for unauthentic caption templates or low-value content with no strategy behind it.

Everything I put out into the digital world has a purpose and makes sense to my brand.

When your content is all over the place you reach no one. But when you write content that your niche can directly relate to…. They listen, pay attention, and take action.

By using a simple content marketing strategy that I teach in step three of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method I’m able to share my beliefs around business building to make connections with more of my niche audience.

Next, as I reach more of this audience I start to shift their limiting beliefs to help them get unstuck. Then lastly as I serve this niche audience with my free content broken down from my paid method… I grow their trust and thus their business.

So whether I’m sharing a connection, shift, or educate post – I look inward to my beliefs. Or outward to what my niche audience is thinking and struggling with.

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Reel it back in starting today

So if you’re business is promoting too many things and targeting too many people then make today the day you reel it all back in.

Your products as a whole should attract the same niche audience… and your individual products should apparel to an ICA within that same niche audience.

If you have too many niches’s then you have too many products.

In order to grow your business, you MUST talk to fewer people. Target your ICA and more people will find your brand. But target too many people and no one will hear you.

As you discover, attract and talk to your niche audience – keep in mind that all you need is already within you!!

By doing a complete brand discovery on yourself you understand who you are and the beliefs that you hold that when spoken start to attract your niche audience. Then as you do the same and start to understand your niche audience – you’ll know exactly what to say to them to deepen their connection and thus grow your business.

For more information on the discover your influence step one, and the promote your influence step three of my stay in your lane brand method please visit 




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