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Podcast Show Notes

So let me just start off by saying you should never rely on social media to build your business.

What?! did I really just say that? Don’t use social media to grow your business, make more sales, connect with more people?

Well yes and no. Let me explain… 

Using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method and the Sales Process I teach – the goal of content marketing should be to build your email list. 

Yes – your email list should be your top priority every time you put content out even if that’s on social media.

What many people don’t understand is that an email list filled with your NICHE AUDIENCE is YOUR COMMUNITY – YOUR INNER CIRCLE! These are people who raised their hands to learn from you and this community = business profits.

It’s as easy as that.

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So now that you see why growing your email list should be the main goal of your content marketing the next question becomes…

“Why do so many people overlook this important step and not put enough attention to doing this daily in their business?”

So let’s jump right into the 4 Social Media Mistakes You Are Making to grow your business and what to do instead.

#1 Putting too much effort into marketing ON SOCIAL MEDIA

I believe this is why so many people overlook their email list. 

They are relying on social media to get their brand in front of more people, thus crossing both fingers and toes to sell more products.

While social media when used correctly can be helpful in marketing your business  – it’s not the best strategy that I’ve found to build my business. So that’s why I don’t spend hours upon hours every day on social media to grow my business. A couple of posts a week, a few IG stories a day, and I’m off the platform when it comes to building my business.

I see so many business builders inside my Branding Lounge Facebook group complain that social media stresses them out, they never know what to post and they have a hard time connecting with their audience or see any engagement.

Well, this is because you are trying to solely use social media to grow your email list or worst yet to make more sales.

So if this describes you and you are dissatisfied with your results keep reading because I’m going to share with you another way without putting too much effort into marketing on social media.


#2 The second social media mistake you are making is Believing You Own Social Media

So let me make this clear – You Do Not Own Social Media.

That’s right – all the time you spend on posting, connecting, sending dm’s and friending possible clients can be taken away from you in an instant without any kind of notification. 

Poof! All gone wiped out.

You have ZERO control on when social media is active and live and when it’s not. 

I know of two entrepreneurial friends who had their Facebook accounts deactivated this month and they have no clue why. And they can’t get it back activated because Facebook is the hardest company to communicate with.

So the way they used to do business has been wiped away – no groups to be a part of, no contact list to dm, no posts to reach their audience – everything they had on Facebook is gone.

And even if you do everything by the social media book and don’t get your account deactivated – you have no control when social media sites have outages. It’s happened for all the sites at one time or another. You couldn’t post or do live videos because the social media site was down.

when social media goes offline

So imagine if the only place you can contact and connect with your readers and community is social media and all of a sudden you have ZERO CONTACTS anymore for your business. Your community is ZERO.

Or what if you are in the middle of a promotion for your product and can’t post about it? You have no sales.

To reiterate my point – You aren’t going to grow your business on social media if social media isn’t available when you need it so understand that you do not own any social media platform and the properties you have uploaded on them.

More importantly – if you don’t rely on social media to grow your email and thus your business you can be inconvenienced with social media goes offline or deactivates your account – but it’s not going to affect your business all that much.

Because if you’ve done a good job of leading those social media followers to your email list – you can certainly connect with them inside that community setting if social media flops.

#3 The third social media mistake you are making is by NOT being social

I know it’s a real hard one to understand for some but social media is meant to be social on those respective platforms. The platforms want to keep users on them as long as possible, which means that using them for business and sending people off the platform to a sales page or site is NOT what Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter wants.

These platforms have even released statements saying they favor content that keeps users on a platform.

So if your content isn’t getting seen, it’s most likely due to you trying to post external links and not use the platform as it was intended – to be social and engage in conversation with users.

Just keep in mind if you are using social media to engage with your audience know it won’t give you the same sales conversions as other strategies, especially when it comes to building your email list.

#4 The fourth social media mistake you are making is trying to use social media as a search engine

Now you might be thinking – “that’s not true… people can search for a topic on social media and posts will appear about that topic in the search results.”

Yes, while that may be true social media is not a search engine.

Social media was not designed to be used this way – remember its purpose is to be social – not for searching content like platforms such as Google, Pinterest and Youtube are set up for.

When you type a question or topic into these other search engines you are going to get a list of results for that specific problem the user has.

And yes you can argue that hashtags on Instagram can be used as a search feature but they certainly aren’t optimized for search results, or give you the most accurate responses.

So if you are a business who has a solution to a readers problem – don’t you want your content to appear where your user is ASKING FOR HELP to their specific problem?

I sure do – that’s why I don’t use social media for what it’s not designed to be used for.

I rely on Pinterest and other search engines to get my searchable content into the results list of those looking for it! And when it comes to getting my blog seen by more people and thus growing my email list – Pinterest comes up as my TOP REFERRAL TOOL!

Every month I’m growing my email list by 150-200 people every month without relying on social media.

Plus I’m getting my blog content seen by over 1,500 users a month with over 93% of my blog traffic coming solely from Pinterest.

Now you can see how impactful it is to use search engine platforms such as Pinterest to grow your email list and thus your business.

To Recap

Alright so I know that may seem like a lot – and maybe you need to do a complete 180 when it comes to how you approach your content marketing strategy online. 

The 4 Social Media Mistakes You Are Making:

  1. Putting too much effort into marketing on social media
  2. Believing You Own Social Media
  3. By NOT being social
  4. Trying to use social media as a search engine

I hope this episode has opened your eyes a bit to other ways to grow your business OUTSIDE of social media. There are search engine platforms that can help you better grow your email list and thus get more readers into your sales process.

Why I don’t stress about social media

I do like social media but I don’t stress about it anymore. I use a simple content marketing strategy that I teach in my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method to create, plan and schedule my content but other than that my focus lies on Pinterest and other search engines to grow my email list and my business.

email marketing for small business
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So if you are feeling burnt out by trying to sell on social media without being salesy or getting kicked off Facebook for leading people off the platform – let me help you come up with an online marketing plan which doesn’t rely on algorithms or social media.

You can visit kristinkorn.com/consulting to fill out an application for a complimentary 15-min brand discovery call. Let’s do a brain dump and see where you can market your brand better. Again the website is kristinkorn.com/consulting.

In the end

In the end…  social media is definitely one of my favorite ways to show up behind my brand for my audience but if you are relying on it to grow your email list and business… you might be waiting a long time.

Using the right platforms like Google, Pinterest, Youtube you can scale more efficiently and more importantly optimize your time and energy much better!

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Build a Continuous Flow of New Clients Using This Simple Profit Pipeline™ – HERE!
  2. Turn Your Chaos Into Clarity in Just 90 Minutes with this One Call – HERE!
  3. Obtain the Support System You Need Inside Our Coaching Group – HERE!
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Using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, I offer women a roadmap to discover the fortune (influence!) that lies within their brand and leverage it to make their business more profitable faster.

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