As a creative business owner, it’s essential to always find ways to work smarter, not harder. Every bit of effort you put out there should bring in the maximum return on investment, and your content creation is no different. That’s where an evergreen content strategy comes in – content that remains relevant, informative, and valuable for years to come. Not sure what it is or where to start? No worries – in this post, we’ll explore the benefits of evergreen content and show you how to create an endless stream of social media posts and emails to attract and nurture your niche audience.

The Power of an Evergreen Content Strategy

Before we dive into the how-to part, let’s talk about the why behind using an evergreen content strategy.

  • Evergreen content has significant benefits compared to timely, trending content that becomes outdated quickly.
  • By creating evergreen content, you are establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, providing value to your audience, and generating organic traffic over time.
  • Your evergreen content strategy can attract and nurture new leads even while you’re not actively promoting it, freeing up time in your schedule for other income-generating activities.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is a term used in digital marketing to describe content that maintains its value and relevance over a long period of time. Unlike news articles or seasonal posts that lose their relevance shortly after publication, evergreen content continues to be useful to readers for years.

This type of content focuses on topics that are always in demand, such as “how-to” guides, listicles, or tips and tricks tutorials. By providing this constant value, evergreen content helps to drive consistent traffic to your site, improve search engine rankings, and establish your brand as a leader in your field.

For example, I have a client who received 770 visitors this past year to one blog article directly from Google searches. This article was written over two years ago and never touched again. This type of evergreen content truly is the gift that keeps on giving and a prime example of work smarter not harder.

Creating the Best Evergreen Content Strategy

So how do you create an evergreen content strategy?

Start by focusing on topics that will remain relevant for years to come. Think about your audience’s pain points, problems, and questions that will continually come up.

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, timeless topics like “How to choose the perfect wedding photographer” or “Tips for posing for your wedding photos” make great evergreen content.

TIP! You can also refresh outdated content to make it evergreen by updating the statistics, graphics, or examples.

Not sure what audience to target or how to research them? Start here.

5 Examples of Evergreen Content

Here are some examples of evergreen content that you could consider for your creative business:

  1. How-to Guides: These are incredibly valuable as they provide step-by-step instructions to solve a specific problem. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, a blog post titled ‘How to Design a Logo: A Step-by-Step Guide’ could serve as an evergreen resource for your audience.
  2. Listicles: List-based articles, or listicles, are great for providing information in a digestible format. An example could be ‘Top 10 Tools Every Digital Artist Should Use’.
  3. Tips & Tricks: These types of posts offer handy advice and solutions. For a fashion designer, a post like ’10 Tips to Care for Designer Clothing’ may be considered evergreen.
  4. Case Studies: Case studies provide real-world examples and insights. For example, ‘Case Study: How Eco-friendly Materials Transformed Our Jewelry Business’ remains relevant for a long period.
  5. Product Reviews: Reviews of popular products in your niche are usually sought after for years. A blog post reviewing a popular digital art tool would be an example.

Remember, the key is to produce content that remains relevant and valuable to your audience over time.

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Breaking Up Your Content to Reuse in Email and Social Media

Once you have stellar evergreen content published in a blog or other mentioned examples, you can use it to create an unlimited stream of social media posts and emails. The secret? Breaking up your blog content into bite-sized pieces and repurposing it in different ways.

  • Use headlines, stats, quotes, or images from your blog post to create social media captions, stories, or reels.
  • Send out snippets via email to your subscribers, linking back to the original post for more in-depth information.

With this approach, you can stretch one blog post into dozens of social media posts and emails, providing value to your audience and keeping your brand top-of-mind.

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How to Use AI to Create Social Media and Emails From Your Blog

A game-changing approach to creating endless social media posts and emails from your blog content is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI tools can be employed to streamline and automate the content repurposing process in several impactful ways.

Here are some of my favorite prompts to use to gather marketing angles and topics for social media and email:

  • “Review the xxxx article and give me 30 FAQs I could use on social media that would attract or nurture (insert niche).”
  • “Review the xxxx article and give me 15 marketing angles about the topic of (xxx) I could use on social media that would attract or nurture (insert niche).”
  • “Review the xxxx article and give me 30 marketing angles I could use on social media that would attract or nurture (insert niche).”
  • “Review the xxxx article and give me 30 marketing hooks I could use on social media that would attract or nurture (insert niche).”

In those prompt examples, I’m able to upload my article to the AI program (I use to give me the outputs I need. Try a Jasper free trial here!

Many times all I need is a one sentence or hook to gather an idea for a story, reel, or educational carousal.

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Nurturing Your Audience

Finally, remember that an evergreen content strategy is not just about attracting new leads but also about nurturing your existing audience. Use your evergreen content to create a content calendar that offers consistent valuable information to your audience, keeping them engaged and invested in your brand. They will be more likely to share your content with their friends and family, bringing in new leads organically.

TIP! Batch your work and schedule out your emails and social media content to save time! Here’s my list of time-saving tools I use in my business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In summary, evergreen content is a valuable tool in any creative business owner’s toolkit. By focusing on timeless, relevant topics and breaking up your blog content for social media and email, you can attract and nurture your niche audience effortlessly. Remember, work smarter, not harder – let your evergreen content strategy do the heavy lifting for you!

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