If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage Instagram to grow your business, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for. I’ll provide insights into the Profit Pipeline™, a proven method that guides your Instagram followers toward your offerings and off social media and into a platform you control and own. Whether you have a tangible product, a digital service, or anything in between, this approach can work for you to use Instagram for business. Let’s get started: Grow A Business Using Instagram!

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Grow A Business Using Instagram


“I’d love to find a way to use Instagram to funnel clients into my business. But I’m not sure what that looks like… or if what you do is what I need or can afford. Can you tell me a bit more?”


I would love to answer this! 😉 I think most people don’t mind using social media to grow their business, but they want to make sure the effort they put toward it pays off.

That’s where the Profit Pipeline™ comes in.

It gives you a defined path to lead your IG followers on.

I’ve used this pipeline in every type of business, from brick-and-mortar liquor stores to heating/plumbing companies, life insurance agents, farmers, and home bakers!

So yes… it works for your business type! I have no doubt about it, whether it’s a tangible product, a digital one, or a service.

If you have something to sell, this will work!

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Funnel?

The monthly cost to run a funnel like mine in your business is very minimal.

There is no specific funnel builder software to overpay for.

You’ll need to pay for a website or have landing page ability with an email marketing software that has segmenting and automation capabilities.

So those two things!

Which depending on the size of your email list and if you choose to use an all-in-one website/blog/email/course platform or a few integrated together…. you’re looking at anywhere from $10-$150+ a month.

Three options I suggest to my clients are: (affiliate links)

Podia: https://podia.sjv.io/c/3560088/1274189/15666 – blog, courses, email marketing all in one.

Kajabi: https://app.kajabi.com/r/sHXtDLJi/t/z6gbp2bk – blog, courses, email marketing all in one.

MailerLite: If you are NOT selling a course (but rather services or you use a different cart software), the other option I suggest is MailerLite – email, landing pages, digital products, and blog all in one. This option doesn’t have course platform or a private login area for customers but uses Stripe for selling digital products/services.): https://www.mailerlite.com/a/corebrandmarketing

The Five Parts of the Profit Pipeline™

– Where will you drive traffic from? Most cases a social media channel and/or a blog.This is where you publish that attraction content.

– Two opt-in form types… a newsletter and a lead magnet

– Automated Emails set up inside your email marketing software

– Landing pages for opt-ins 

– Sales pages for your paid offer

and that’s it!

I can go on and on about the benefits of taking the time to set up a Profit Pipeline™ in your business – so instead, let me lead you to a 17-minute video I recorded. Watch here >> https://www.kristinkorn.com/punchlist

That way, you can visually see how this looks in your business. Plus, you’ll be given a diagram to download and follow if you choose to insert this into your business.

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