How To Generate Sales Using Social Media Without Selling

by Kristin Korn

Ep 108: How to generate sales using social media without selling

Social Media Marketing, DIGITAL MARKETING

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We’ve all used social media to sell a product only to be let down no sales were made. But what if I shared with you a fail-proof method to generate sales using social media that didn’t involve selling? Selling on social media never was easier with this approach. Inside this article, I share the simple steps to make better use of your content on social media that will activate your audience to make a purchase! Get ready to flip your social media marketing strategy on its’ head!

How do you sell your product online?

So let’s say you have a tangible product or a digital course to sell; where do you go to sell it? The million-dollar question I know!

Most times, when you have a product to sell, you immediately want to plaster product mockups and images on social media to let your audience know about your offering. You do reels, upload storyboards, record videos, and post product photos in your feeds.

But what happens when no one bites? Does it mean that your product or offer is terrible and no one wants it?

Nope, not at all. What it does mean is that your audience isn’t emotionally ready to purchase from you. And that’s ok because technically, they aren’t supposed to be. I’ll get into that in a few minutes.

Selling on social media

But there is a better way, in my opinion, to sell on social media that does activate your audience.

In Branding Bites Podcast Episode #92, I discussed the 4 Stages Of A Sales Funnel. I mentioned, a sales funnel is the emotional journey a potential client takes with your brand from introduction to after a sale is made. 

So instead of the traditional way of selling products on social media, a better way is to use call to actions that lead people from the top of your funnel to the middle of the funnel.

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What is Top of Funnel Marketing?

If you are not familiar with TOF or ‘top of funnel,’ it’s the first stage of a buyer’s journey. This stage is where you market your content on platforms such as blog articles, a Youtube channel, Podcast, Social Media, or use SEO or search sites such as Pinterest.

Since top-of-the-funnel leads are unfamiliar with your brand, this is the stage that you must prove your value by producing the right content they want to consume.

This Top of Funnel content marketing aims to attract and create connections with your niche audience so you can collect email addresses and phone numbers from them.


How To Generate Sales Using Social Media Without Selling
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Why should you use a lead magnet?

So when you use social media content to point people to a lead magnet, you are leading them down your sales funnel and closer to making a purchase. Inside the lead magnet is where you make a pitch for your paid product. Examples of free lead magnets include a product sample, webinar, digital PDF, quiz, community access, challenge, live event, or direct mail piece. My suggestion is to start with one and then test and add others as needed.

This lead magnet also gives your potential client an impression of your training style or product experience.

While email sequences and checkout funnels will finish your sales process, having a solid content marketing strategy with a lead magnet is key to selling on social media and every other online platform.

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How to set up a sales process for your brand

Inside my Digital Branding Roadmap, I have a diagram that gives you a look into the steps to build a sales process keeping top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of the funnel in mind. You can get your free copy at

While I know you are eager to make sales quickly using social media, unfortunately, that’s not how running an online business works. This thinking is precisely why I believe so many get frustrated when starting a new business and selling online.

You are neglecting the entire sales process and a client’s emotional journey with your brand.

Use my Digital Branding Roadmap to create a personal branding and business strategy that finally makes sense, allows you to be yourself, and doesn’t involve begging for customers.

Be sure to pick up your free copy at

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Recap: Selling on social media

I’ve done it. I’m doing it for clients, and I want to show you how to do it yourself.

While your goal is to eventually take potential clients and consumers of your content to the bottom of the funnel to make a purchase, that cannot happen without dedicating time and energy to a top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy.

So if you don’t want to sell on social media, you don’t need to. You simply need to use the platform to create brand awareness and connection. Then steer your audience to your free lead magnet and allow your sales process to do the selling for you.

Rather have your sales process built for you? Set up a call with CORE Brand Marketing Group HERE!

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