How To Use Blog Content To Create Sustainable Trust

by Kristin Korn

Ep 85: How To Use Blog Content To Create Sustainable Trust

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Podcast Show Notes

If you are blogging you know that it is an incredible lead-generating feature. So since you are taking the time to research, format, optimize for SEO and publish your blog articles every month, let’s make sure you are using and re-using this valuable content to the best of your ability to build trust with your readers. Inside this article I share three ways you can take your blog article and re-use the content inside it to create sustainable trust across more channels. This is going to change your entire content marketing strategy.

Stats you need to know about blogging

Let me start this episode by giving you some statistics about blogging just in case you aren’t utilizing this incredible lead-generating feature yet!

  • Companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t
  • Marketers that prioritize blogging as part of their efforts are 13x more likely to see a positive return on investment.
  • Businesses that blog experience twice as much email traffic as businesses that don’t.
  • Blogging has grown by 12% since 2015
  • 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging

Why I use blogs in my marketing strategy

As you know, writing blog articles is a huge piece of my content marketing plan when it comes to generating high-quality leads. It’s a way for me to write and publish content that my ideal client needs. So not only does it lift my authority with the reader but it also helps deepen my connection with them.

So since you are taking the time to research, format, optimize for SEO and publish your blog articles every month, let’s make sure you are using them to the best of your ability to build trust with your readers.


How To Use Blog Content To Create Sustainable Trust
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Three Ways to Re-use your blog article

Here are three ways you can take your blog article and re-use the content inside it to create sustainable trust across more channels. This is going to change your entire content marketing strategy.

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1 – Use your blog content inside your weekly email newsletters

While your blog article is one of the best ways to establish your authority and be found in search engines, email communication helps you connect personally. 

Email marketing helps deepen that connection with your audience, and gives you a tool for making relevant offers to your subscribers.

And together, their power is multiplied. But I’m not referring to the RSS campaign functionality that automatically sends your most recent blog article to your subscribers. I suggest manually sending an email to your subscriber list that includes a teaser paragraph or two about your blog article. But you must always have a link back to the full blog article in your email, especially if you aren’t sharing all key educational topics in your email.

My favorite Email CRM Software is Active Campaign.

2 – Use your blog content inside your social media captions.

I declare this trick as our little secret. Many times I can schedule content on Instagram for an entire month from one blog article. While 95.9% of bloggers promote their blog posts via social media, I’m suggesting you not even mention your blog article when using this method for social media content planning. 

I teach these types of methods inside my Automated Business Bootcamp course and The Social Note membership.

But the trick is to scan your blog article from top to bottom, cutting out ideas, quotes, and topics that can turn into stand-alone connection, shift, or educate social media posts. Walla, you just re-used your blog article to create sustainable trust from your social media followers, and you didn’t have to create new content to do so.

My favorite Social Media Scheduler is SKED.

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3 – Republish your original blog article into a LinkedIn article.

Now I know you’re wondering why you can’t just share your blog LINK to LinkedIn and call it a day. And yes, you can, but that post is going to disappear down your feed eventually. When you create a new LinkedIn article, you are using their platform, which LinkedIn loves. They dislike external links which take a user off their platform.

You simply copy and paste the content from your original blog article into the new LinkedIn article. A good tip is to change up the headline of the LinkedIn article to help you rank for two different organic searches.

Using this approach helps you expose your message to a broader audience and create more sustainable trust.

And don’t forget your call to action (CTA) in all your articles. You want to prompt your reader of a LinkedIn article just as you would your regular blog article. So invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, a private online group, read another blog article, or download your lead magnet.

Lastly, finish your LinkedIn article with a link back to the original blog article. This link will drive more traffic to your website and your digital home!

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In Conclusion

I’m all about finding ways to get more use out of my weekly blog articles, and these are three of my favorite content tricks!

I like to remind my clients that the advice they shared a year or two ago is still valid and relevant today. So why not get more mileage out of the content you worked so hard to produce instead of writing a social media post or email from scratch? Re-use it! It’s a win-win for you and your audience.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Stay on top of your Content Strategy and keep your Ideal Clients Engaged here.
  2. Design a Memorable Brand Identity to Instantly Stand Out from Competition here.
  3. Hire us to Build a Done-For-You Lead Generation Funnel to get your Brand in Front of New People. (Booked out 4-6 weeks)
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